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Zonixx signing finalizes BIG Valorant roster

Zonixx signing finalizes BIG Valorant roster

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Berlin International Gaming has officially announced its newest Valorant roster member. Having played with the team recently, BIG have formally added Michele “zonixx” Köhler to the Valorant squad. The announcement comes from BIG’s website directly, then shared on their Twitter.

Zonixx joines BIG roster as familiar face

Zonixx delivered a statement regarding the signing:

I am happy that after a long break, I can start another chapter in my esports book. Having all this happen alongside my long time friend gob b under the banner of BIG couldn’t be better. Huge thanks to my brother, who has my back while running the team, and all my viewers who accompany me on this new journey. We have a lot of work to do, but as they say: “#WorkHardDreamBIG”!

Zonixx is a former Counter-Strike player, much like several other professional Valorant players at this point. He was a pro between 2006 and 2011 in CS 1.6. Already a part of BIG, zonixx has been a streamer for them since 2018. The new chapter is his gaming career continues with BIG’s Valorant team.

All five members are officially in place now. Ultimate, AslaN, alexRr, and gob b are sure to be ecstatic having zonixx on the roster. Look for them to continue competing together and challenge the EU’s best as Valorant continues to take over the world in terms of esports.

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