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What to expect in the upcoming Valorant patch 1.11

What to expect in the upcoming Valorant patch 1.11

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Two weeks ago we saw the final Act of Valorant’s first episode come live, Act III. With Act III we saw the introduction of Valorant’s fifth map, Icebox, alongside changes to deathmatch and other alterations to the game. Patch 1.11, most likely to drop on October 27, will bring even more new things to Valorant. Here is what to expect in Valorant’s 1.11 update, things we know, and things we suspect may be part of the big update.

Confirmed: Agent Skye

Newest Valorant agent, Skye, will most certainly be introduced in the update. This was confirmed on Valorant’s official page alongside the agent reveal trailer. The Australian initiator, Skye, will be the second agent alongside Sage, with healing capabilities. In fact, we suspect that the last nerf to hit Sage was in fact in order to make some space for Skye. Complemented by a flash in the form of a bird, and seekers in the shape of Tasmanian tigers, Skye is shaping up to be a great addition to a competitive roster.

Confirmed: Icebox Enters Rated Map Pool

Up until now, Icebox has been only part of the unrated map pool. This was done for two reasons. Primarily, for the developers to see if there should be any changes implemented on Icebox. Secondly, for the Valorant community to get acquainted with the map itself, as it was present in the unrated map pool, as well as accessible via custom matches. Diving head first into Icebox on rated mode could be detrimental to a team if someone on one side was not acquainted with the new map. Icebox will be the fifth map in Valorant’s rated pool.

Suspected: Reaver Skin Set

The Reaver set was one of the most beloved skin bundles during Valorant’s Beta. Desired by many, the set has not yet been available for purchase since the post-Beta wipe. There’s hope, however, as a Twitter post by Valorant hints at the return of the Reaver skin bundle.

The aiming reticle is for sure from a weapon from the Reaver set. Moreover, “WRACAM” means “I’m coming back” when translated into English from Polish. This all hints at the Reaver set making a grand return in Valorant patch 1.11.

Suspected: Agent Changes

Each Valorant update usually has some tweaks to our beloved agents. While there are no obvious hints regarding which agents will be affected in this update, we’ve got a lead from an interview with Max “Orcane” Grossman. The Valorant developer hinted at minor Breach buffs and slight Cypher and Killjoy nerfs in order to make Valorant less defense-sided. Some of the planned agent changes may be implemented in the upcoming update 1.11.

These are our predictions for the Valorant patch 1.11 dropping on October 27 in North America (NA) region.

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