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What to expect in the upcoming Valorant Patch 1.06

What to expect in the upcoming Valorant Patch 1.06

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Riot developers are currently are taking time off to recharge their batteries. However, with their break nearing its end, we are going to receive a new patch on Thursday, August 20, most likely to be patch 1.06. Here are some things that are likely to be part of the patch based on previous dev reports, community outcries, opinions of Valorant professionals, as well as leaks.

Breach buffs

Discussed by the character design lead, Ryan “Morello” Scott, a buff for Breach is certainly on the table. Despite the dev not giving us hints on how he’s going to be buffed, Breach’s pick numbers have been extremely low. Therefore, much like Viper, we may be seeing a possible power upgrade to the Swedish initiator agent.

Cypher nerf

Also discussed by Morello, Cypher is currently the most picked agent on the pro scene. His information gathering kit is invaluable to any well-coordinated team. The sentinel, however, may be just a little too powerful and may be getting some slight nerfs to his kit. What those nerfs will be, is currently unknown unfortunately.

Jett nerf

Jett has been on the receiving end of attention of the pros recently. Her ability to dash out of danger after taking an Operator shot, has caused her to become the main agent to take up the OP and wreck havoc. G2 Esports player, Oscar “Mixwell” Canellas is certainly one to watch when it comes to Jett.

Additionally, her Ultimate that causes her to blast people with knives mid-air, is coming under criticism as well. Even though she is receiving a lot of attention, she is not as effective on low to mid levels of play as she is certainly a purely skill based character. Nevertheless, the devs may be tempted to even the playing field on the pro scene and strike her with a nerf.

Another Viper buff

Viper received a massive buff in patch 1.04. The buff made some players question whether the changes weren’t too much and made her an overpowered agent. However, the buff didn’t do much in terms of her pick rate. Viper remains as one of the least picked agents in Valorant. Besides, Morello already confirmed that she may receive even more buffs as her buffs in patch 1.04 were “not probably enough”.

Can Viper ever become a popular Valorant agent?

Operator nerf

The most powerful, and the most expensive, weapon in Valorant has been deemed to be too powerful by many. Due to not enough flash and smoke utility, a potent OP player on defense can truly shut down everyone on the attacking team. Although Morello and the dev team do not want the OP to be nerfed, perhaps the team has changed their mind over the course of the past few weeks. The question remains, how can the developers nerf the Operator to justify its price tag? Perhaps we’ll find out in patch 1.06.

“Magepunk” skins

A dataminer by the name of floxay noticed something interesting. While the developers referred to a skin line named “Megapunk” in their article on skin design, which was an accidental name for the current Glitchpop collection, no where did it say anything about “Magepunk”. Floxay found “Magepunk” files in the Closed Beta files for different weapons. Perhaps a new skin collection will be released in the coming patch.

This is a list of things we think are very likely to be part of patch 1.06.

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