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VRL Finals: FUT repent Case, to meet Vitality in Grand Final

VRL Finals: FUT repent Case, to meet Vitality in Grand Final

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Featured image credit: VRL Twitter

VALORANT Regional League (VRL) Finals – Playoffs has finally reached the Grand Final. FUT Esports has swept Case Esports in the Lower Final with a clean 3-0 in the best-of-five series. The victory will see FUT take on Team Vitality in the Grand Final of the event on August 5.

FUT Esports outclass Case

The Spanish organization, Case Esports, fielded a rather hyped European-mix going into the playoffs. They defeated Angry Titans in the Upper Semifinals, but fell to Team Vitality in the Upper Final, sending them to their demise against FUT in the Lower Final in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, FUT made a phenomenal Lower Bracket run. Losing out to Vitality in the Upper Semifinals from the get-go, the Turkish side defeated Angry Titans and now Case Esports to rally into the Grand Final. There, they will seek revenge for their loss in their Upper Semifinal to Vitality.

FUT defeated Case with the following map scores:

After a defensive outclass on Bind by FUT, Case managed to make Haven a close affair. However, at a square 11:11 two heroic plays by Doğukan “qRaxs” Balaban, one being an Ace, saw the Turkish side take the second map of the Lower Final.

Breeze was a breeze indeed for FUT as an 8:4 half propelled them to an easy 13:6 triumph. A rather unexpected 3-0 sweep in the Lower Final of the VRL Playoffs.

Despite the loss, credit must be given to Berkant “Wolfen” Joshkun, Case Esports’ Chamber main. He emerged as a strong contender for the MVP of the matchup despite the 0-3 loss. With 60 kills, 11 First Kills, and an ADR of 166, the Chamber player was a menace when facing FUT. On the flip side, all of FUT Esports’ team members went positive on the K/D ratio and were much more equal in final individual scores. A true testament to a more rounded team being the key to success.

FUT gets desired rematch against Vitality

After a blunder in their opening match of the playoffs, FUT have their chance at revenge—and it’s in the Grand Final. Vitality have shown that they are not a team without faults. In the Group Stage, they took a heavy 0-2 loss on the chin against TENSTAR. In the playoffs, they dropped a map to Case Esports. The Turkish side proved in the match against Case how they can phenomenally carry momentum from map-to-map, as well as be able to rally when need be. The best-of-five seemed to work for them to a great extent. Now, another BO5 is waiting for them.

You can watch the VRL Finals – Playoffs Grand Final on August 5 on the official VALORANT Twitch and YouTube channels.

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