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Vodafone Giants’ davidp: We’ve been working so hard to get that. I’ve been grinding so much for one month. Playing around 16 hours a day for a few days…

Vodafone Giants’ davidp: We’ve been working so hard to get that. I’ve been grinding so much for one month. Playing around 16 hours a day for a few days…

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After a phenomenal run in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 3 Challengers 2 in Europe, Vodafone Giants have stunned their opposition with the first entry into the EMEA Challengers Playoffs from Challengers 2. None of this could have been achieved without Giants’ one of two current stand-ins, David “davidp” Prins, who performed phenomenally throughout the tourney.

We got an exclusive chance to chat with davidp following Vodafone Giants’ successful match against Team Liquid. This completed their Upper Bracket run in the Challengers 2 Main Event and put them right into the final. And with that, a spot in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs.

Interview with davidp

Runitback: Vodafone Giants have made such a huge mark on the European VALORANT scene by defeating Liquid, but also defeating Fnatic. You guys are the first team to qualify for the EMEA Challengers from this Challengers 2 Main Event. Now, David, just tell me how you feel after today (defeating Liquid).

davidp: I’m feeling great. We’ve been working so hard to get that. I’ve been grinding so much for one month. Playing around 16 hours a day for a few days…like I’ve been playing 12 hours a day and then 16 hours putting everything into the game just to f*cking qualify [for the EMEA playoffs] so it feels great.

Runitback: By dropping Liquid into the Lower Bracket, it’s impossible for both Fnatic and Liquid to qualify for the EMEA Playoffs. Meaning we are not going to see either both or one of those teams in Berlin. You guys faced both teams and although Liquid’s matches were one-sided and in your favor but from the perspective of anti-stratting, who was the tougher opponent?

davidp: Fnatic by far. It’s not because of the result, like it was closer. They are just better in many things. Fnatic is just a better team in everything. First of all, their playstyle is better. I feel like Liquid is playing…their comp (team composition) and stuff is really good the way they want to do it but I feel like it’s not the right moment to make these kind of comps. They should play with a Duelist, try to take space. I think they’re trying something that is not working at all to be honest.

Runitback: Having said that, we see ScreaM get on that KAY/O pretty regularly throughout the last couple of matches. What are your thoughts on KAY/O in the current meta. Is it someone that could potentially be some agent that fits really well or is it an agent that can’t replace the Sovas and the Skyes?

davidp: I don’t think KAY/O is needed. You can maybe add him on few maps. Maybe he can be good, if you have a good gameplan and stuff. But I don’t think the agent (KAY/O) is much needed in comps (team compositions). We didn’t play him, and we have no problem in facing a KAY/O. To be honest, I don’t feel anything from this agent. I don’t think he gives you a plus. Like, having Sova and Skye is so much better.

Runitback: You have this kind of very annoying playstyle. We saw that today again, especially on Split, where on defense you would go behind Liquid’s back all the time and get those nasty off-angles. When do you know when to start lurking into the round? Is it something you learned how to do or is it something that you feel and comes naturally to you?

davidp: It’s something that is natural to me because it has been a long time since I’m a guy like that. It’s not about timings, it’s just about retaking info. Sometimes it just depends on the side first of all. Like on defense, we have some rules. First of all, it’s the communication on TeamSpeak. My minimap, I’m watching who is where. And I know, with that [information] how to push and where to push. And with that, we have to retake some info sometimes. When we retake that info, it’s easy to push behind them (opponents).

And on T side (attacking side), I’ve always been a guy like this. I know the timings and I know how the rotation works and it’s one of my strongest elements. Like the clutches and retaking info are my best qualities.

Runitback: Those qualities have definitely helped Vodafone Giants for the past two weeks since you and Ambi have joined the team, despite you being stand-ins. Obviously, Vodafone Giants was never the team to be really up there in terms of European VALORANT but that all changed right now, especially that you guys qualified for the EMEA Challengers Stage 3. How much potential do you think this roster has given that all five of you stick together on the roster?

davidp: I don’t know, to be honest. I got called like 1 month ago and they wanted to try me out (Vodafone Giants) on the smoker role. So before I was a main Sage and I was a kind of support. But I’m open to playing everything to be honest. I know how to play many agents and it was not a problem for me and I’m feeling really confident on this role. So I just played the role and after one day we realized this roster was really good. We have been praccing really really hard, from 12 to 19, even 20 sometimes, so eight hours a day so we were grinding a lot. And we were really good in practice. Like out of 100 praccs we lost maybe 5.

We have been really good, we’ve been talking a lot, doing a lot, talking about strategies and rules, like re-taking info, how to play and when. I think, to be honest, we should try to make it work and stick as 5 to be honest. No matter what happens. Whether we qualify to Berlin or not. I’m really confident about this roster.

Runitback: So having said that. If Giants offer you a contract, you’ll take it.

davidp: I don’t know *laughs*. It’s my agents that need to talk with the org so…

Runitback: It’s been a pleasure. On behalf of Runitback, I congratulate you guys. You’ve beaten Fnatic and Liquid, back-to-back. Phenomenal VALORANT from you guys. We’ll see you guys in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs!

*Note: Questions and answers may have been altered slightly for the sake of clarity and or brevity.

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