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Viper Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud Guide: Icebox

Viper Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud Guide: Icebox

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Icebox is here and with it, Valorant players are going to need to know some tips and tricks. Each agent has their viability across Valorant, and with a new map, the possibilities are yet to be discovered. One agent that has received some buffs, and is still hoping to gain some traction, is Viper. Run It Back has already given players the best locations guide for Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud on Haven, Ascent, Split, and Bind. Now, Icebox gets the same treatment with attacking and defending walls, as well as one way smoke placements.


Viper Toxic Screen

A Site – Attack

Many players thought the vertical nature of Icebox would render Viper’s Toxic Screen useless. That is just simply not the case. When attacking A Site as Viper, the Toxic Screen can cover high and low. Approach the left of the box between the two zipline nests. Aim the device towards A Site, making sure it covers the opposing nest and Heaven.

There should be a small corner of the zipline nest still visible on the mini map. Launch the emitters. As Viper and her team can take the lane straight to A Site. Opposing players will have to get a little too close to the ledges in order to see anything if they are above. Others are either left exposed walking through the screen or separated from their teammates.

A Site – Defense

As Viper on defense, holding A with a Toxic Screen is easy. Head up the ramp that oversees Mid. From there, line up right on the outer boundary of A Site. Release the Toxic Screen emitters and set up the wall. It will do a great job of covering anyone approaching from outside or from the immediate lane to A Site.

Viper and her teammates will be covered if they need to rotate near the site. As they wait, the wall could go down when an opponent approaches and is caught off guard. On top of that, it nearly renders the zipline useless. If an enemy is bold enough to zipline in, they won’t be able to spot Viper or her squad on ground level before it is too late.

Mid – Attack

Attacking through Mid on Icebox is a high risk, high reward situation. The cover is minimal compared to the inside near A or the crates littered around B. Viper is able to make it a bit less risky with her Toxic Screen. There is a small room just before the first lane to B Site. Get in the corner by the door and line the emitter up across mid.

Once it launches, backtrack out of the room and join the rest of the team. This prevents an enemy from getting a pick down the B lane. As Viper’s squad approaches Mid with the cover of the Toxic Screen, enemies will be unsure of what comes next. Set up before the screen drops and choose to take either site from this location.

B Site – Attack

Enter the same room from where the Mid attacking screen was launched. Stand in the back of the room, lining up the reticle between the two steel frames of the windows. Make sure the emitters land across B Yellow and B Site so there is a little space off the corner of the building. Once it is launched, the path to B Site will be clear.

It will cover the immediate lane to B Site for Viper and her teammates. Any long range engagements, or Operator players, will need to wait. The entirety of B Yellow is blocked, allowing the team to push in through the small crack to take on those waiting right on B Site. Finish them quickly as they are separated from their teammates, then focus on those who may be waiting to push through from where the screen obscured.

B Site – Defense

The premise of defending B Site is the same as defending A Site with Viper. There is a box that players can enter near the spawn on B side. Enter the box and place the emitter right on the corner of the shape with the red lines. Make sure the line on the mini map does not go through the high platform on B Site. Send the Toxic Screen emitters to provide tons of cover across the map.

If the enemies rotate and approach from spawn, they will be stunted. The approach from Mid will be completely blocked, in and out of the platform. Coming from up top will be the only play, but will keep them separated from their team. Lastly, players coming from the immediate lane that leads to B Yellow will be just as covered as the other lanes.

Viper Poison Cloud

A Site – Defense

This Viper Poison Cloud one way will allow Viper to halt players pushing from Mid in their tracks. Climb up to A Heaven and go all the way to the end of the wall. Aim at the door frame and throw the device. This will place it right onto the middle of the door frame. Back up, grab an angle, and wait to see if anyone is coming that way.

Initiate the Poison Cloud when necessary. The one way will cover the entryway to A Site. If an enemy is pushing from that direction, they will think twice about moving forward. If they are bold, they will slowly make their way in, but Viper or a teammate will be able to easily spot them and pick them off before they know what hit them.

A Site – Defense 2

Ride the zipline up to the nest. From there, aim the crosshair right below the zipline, underneath the second marker on the far wall. There is no need to right-click or even jump with this placement. Just simply throw the device and it will land on the corner of the platform that is under the crosshair.

Move up with your team to take defensive angles. Pop the Poison Cloud and there will be a small corner that allows Viper to see any movement. If a player is pushing from that direction and decides to move into that corner, they will be spotted and dealt with swiftly.

A Site – Attack

To our knowledge, this is the only attacking one way Poison Cloud that truly works. Mid and B Site are too covered to get a good throw in order to block any vantage points. A Site, however, has this one solid placement. Enter the building and take the route to the left. There will be a thick blue line on the ground that takes a 90 degree angle. Place Viper right on top of that blue line’s corner.

Look towards A Site and place the crosshair just above the corner of the light fixture near the left wall. Throw the device and wait for it to land. When the push is ready to begin, fire up the Poison Cloud. It will land on the generator that covers the back corner of A Site. The one way will prevent anyone holding that angle from doing any damage. If they peek out or choose to move, they’ll be taken care of.

B Site – Defense

This is actually two placements in one, because the basics of them are the same. Zipline up to the enclosed platform on B Site. Pick which side you want to place the Poison Cloud. One option is on the small bridge that leads from the building. Aim and throw it right at the center of the bridge. Otherwise, turn around and throw the device to the center of the glass box right near the zipline.

Both of these will cover their respective side and offer a one way view for Viper. The bridge side will, of course, cover that path with a small corner for Viper to peek through and take out any opponents approaching. The one way on the glass box does has the same effect, just on the opposite side of the structure. If anyone pushes through behind the zipline platform, they’ll be spotted and eliminated.

B Yellow – Defense

Putting the Poison Cloud here may be the trickiest play that Viper can do on Icebox. While in B Yellow, line up with the crate attached to the crane. Back all the way up to the barrier of the map. Put the crosshair on the angle where the crane wires meets and overlap with the actual machine.

Throw the device and get ready to upset some enemies trying to make the push towards B Site. Set off the Poison Cloud and it will cover both sides of the crate. There will be a small portion across each respective side that will give Viper a nice view of whoever is coming down that immediate lane.

These are our best setups for Viper and her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud guide on Icebox.

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