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Viper Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud Guide: Haven

Viper Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud Guide: Haven

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Haven is a massive map. The more utility to hold or push a site, the better. Viper has plenty for both. Despite being one of the lesser used agents, the chemical controller has a skill set that is unmatched. Viper has Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud in her arsenal, and both can be used to remove her opponents’ vision. Also, the Poison Cloud can be utilized as a one way smoke.

Shifting the tide of battle is something Viper excels at. She can easily delay an initial attack by triggering one of her poisonous blockades. Starting the attack is right up her alley, too. Viper can set up her Toxic Screen before the round even begins now. This is a useful tactic to make opponents think one site is being attacked, despite it being a fake. With three sites on Haven, these types of abilities are invaluable.


Toxic Screen

A Site

The best location for the Toxic Screen as a defender on A Site is right by A Long. Standing in the corner near the ramp up to A Site is the right position. From here, Viper can send her Toxic Screen across the A Site entrances and even block the B Site entrance. Viper can then hold A or leave it to a teammate and move to another area of the map.

The trick may only work once, but it is worth a shot. Send the Toxic Screen a short distance away from the wall. This will allow Viper to hide on the attacker side of the wall. Typically, an opponent will push in and not expect someone to be on that side of the screen. If they flash, it will more than likely get sent through the screen, leaving Viper’s vision perfect to pick them off as they pile onto the site.

A Site – Attacker

Attacking A Site can be a challenge on Haven. A Long has a very deep line of sight for enemies to peek and see attackers. A Short has corners that opponents can easily hide around, catching you off guard as you push through. Viper’s Toxic Screen can make that vision useless and make the defenders think twice before pushing too far up.

Once the spawn barrier goes down, push into the top corner right outside of the attacker side entrance to the A points. Line the emitters up across A Site and as far as into A Tower, or Heaven. This covers players as they move to A Long. It also covers up the approach from A Short and either side of A Site depending where the push is coming from.

B Site – Attacker

There is no viable defensive Toxic Screen at B Site. This is because the most useful screens from both A Site and C Site cover up the entrance from Mid onto B Site. Attacking is a different story though. Line up right next to the right side of Mid Window. Shift the emitters across the center of the site.

Send the Toxic Screen and block vision from A side. This works coming from the other side of Mid Window as well. Line it up in a similar fashion and it will block vision from C side of B Site. The screen even goes up onto the center structure of the site. This gives cover for Omen or Jett to get up there and take the high ground.

C Site

C Site is virtually the same as the A Site Toxic Screen. Get into the farthest corner near C Long. The trick of pushing it out just a bit to hide on the defender side of the wall works great here. It can even be done on either side since the box near C Long doesn’t sit right next to the entryway. This Toxic Screen also goes up in C Garage.

Like the A Site screen, this one ends up across the B Site entrance, too. It provides plenty of cover across multiple sites, helping teammates with cover while Viper can defend elsewhere with her Snake Bite or Poison Cloud. The best bet is to sit near the entrance to a site and listen for footsteps. Or wait for a cue from a teammate. From there, set up the screen and get to cover or rotate to help.

C Site – Attacker

A set of boxes sit right by the spawn barrier near C Long as an attacker. Hop on those boxes and get the Toxic Screen emitter ready. The best option is to line the Toxic Screen just to the right of the small stack of boxes near C Long on C Site. It appears as a small square on the mini map.

This splits the site right in half. If the team pushes as one, it makes it very easy to overwhelm an opponent separated from their teammates. Once the screen goes down, the enemies will have zero clue what awaits them on the other side. The spike can be easily planted and any peeking opponents will be automatically dealt with after the team posts up defensively.

Poison Cloud

A Long

Viper can use her Poison Cloud to create very useful one way smokes. This prevents enemies from pushing, as Viper can see them approach from underneath while they are left clueless. Line up next to the stack of boxes on A Site. Set the crosshair at the top of the farthest wooden board. Throw the device and it will land right above the ramp. Triggering the Poison Cloud will create a wonderful one way smoke that can catch those coming to A Site from A Long off guard.

B Site

This one way Poison Cloud works on either side of B Site. Both of the doorways have a frame where the device can sit. Line the crosshair up right in the center of the circle that sits on the top of the door frame. Jump and right-click to lob the emitter. From across the site near the Mid entrance, Viper can get a peek at those approaching from the A side or the C side depending on where the Poison Cloud is set up.

C Long

The C Long one way Poison Cloud is a classic that works well for other agents too, such as Cypher and Omen. Get on the platform that sites at C Site. Look towards the horn that lines the top of the right wall. Put the crosshair above it, aimed at the power line. Throw the device and it will land on top of the wall. If the push comes from C Long, trigger the Poison Cloud and Viper will be able to take out anyone approaching under the cloud before they even know what hit them.

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