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VCT LATAM Challengers Playoffs format changes due to COVID

VCT LATAM Challengers Playoffs format changes due to COVID

Gabriel Ionica


COVID-19 has claimed another victim, the VCT LATAM Challengers Playoffs format.

The Situation

The update comes due to the worsening COVID situation in Argentina and Chile, where borders recently closed. Because of these travel limitations, the tournament can no longer host eight teams at the Mexico City LAN as they originally planned. Instead, Riot will host online tournaments in the North and South with the top four teams from each region. Once a champion is decided from each region, the two teams will face off at the Esports Stadium LAN in Mexico City between May 9 and 12. That date may change as the situation develops.

Riot also added a rule that allows teams to perform up to 3 emergency substitutions. This rule is meant to help teams make it to the Mexico City LAN. If the situation worsens to the point where that rule is not enough, the Northern team will represent Latin America at the Reykjavík LAN. The Southern team will get circuit points and monetary rewards.

Riot mentioned that they are observing the situation closely and will make changes as needed. They also said that while they don’t like choosing a team like this, “having a representative from Latin America in the first international competition is a unique opportunity that we should not waste for the growth of our ecosystem.”

VCT LATAM Stage 2 Challengers 2 is taking place from April 20 to April 25. Stage 1 Masters saw LDM Esports take first place in the North while Australs reigned supreme in the South. LDM’s roster recently left the organization following administrative issues and Australs failed to make it past the Stage 2 Challengers 2 qualifiers.

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