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VCT Japan: Masters Final Results

VCT Japan: Masters Final Results

Gabriel Ionica


The last weekend of VCT Japan Stage 1 Masters just ended and wow, what a weekend it was! If you haven’t been keeping up with VCT Japan Masters, check out our coverage of last weekend’s matches before you read this one! That one was fun too, we promise.


Lag Gaming gave REJECT quite some trouble in the first map and actually won by a landslide, with a 13:4. REJECT turned it around in the next two maps, winning both of them by a landslide and giving Lag Gaming a taste of their own medicine. With Lag Gaming out of the picture, REJECT went on to eliminate FAV Gaming as well but were stopped dead in their tracks with a 1:2 loss from Crazy Raccoon.

FAV Gaming

After a successful match against BLUE BEES last week, FAV Gaming were out to prove themselves against FIRST Gaming. This one was a close one, with both teams taking a map apiece. It all came down to Icebox where FIRST Gaming slipped and gave the win to FAV Gaming. Their next match was against REJECT, the team who knocked them down into the lower bracket. The opportunity for redemption was cut short and FAV Gaming were sent packing by REJECT.

Crazy Raccoon

Crazy Raccoon’s match against the giants, Absolute JUPITER proved to be a bit too much to handle. They were sent to fight REJECT in the lower bracket, who they defeated 2:1. In the grand final now, Crazy Raccoon had their own opportunity for redemption against Absolute JUPITER and they took it. Bind ended on a close 13:11 score in favor of Crazy Raccoon but the next two weren’t even close. Crazy Racoon won Ascent 13:4 and Haven 13:5, taking a 3:0 overall victory over Absolute JUPITER. The team that had gone largely undefeated, fell to the team that placed 5th – 8th in First Strike Japan. This is why I don’t predict matches.

That’s it for VCT Japan Stage 1 Masters! It was an absolute blast to watch with some completely unpredictable results to boot. Huge congrats to Crazy Raccoons for taking down Absolute JUPITER and making a name for themselves. We can’t wait to cover Stage 2 and we invite you to follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.