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VCT Japan: Masters Day 1 & 2 Results

VCT Japan: Masters Day 1 & 2 Results

Gabriel Ionica


If you’ve had enough of VCT NA and EU, I have some good news for you. VCT Japan Masters is here! Before you jump into this one, make sure you’re up to date on the teams that made it past Challengers 3 Group A and Group B!

Crazy Raccoon

Crazy Raccoon qualified for Masters in Challengers 2 after making it past FAV Gaming, BLUE BEES, and REJECT. Their first match against Lag Gaming didn’t prove too big of a challenge for Crazy Raccoon, sliding past Lag Gaming 13:6 and 13:7 respectively. Their next match was against FIRST Gaming, the team that surprised in Challengers 2 by taking a map over Absolute JUPITER. They weren’t so lucky this time around as Crazy Raccoon took their second 2:0 victory of the tournament and knocked them into the Lower Bracket.

Lag Gaming

After their 0:2 loss against Crazy Raccoon, Lag Gaming had a chance at redemption in the Lower Bracket. Despite an initial 8:13 loss against FENNEL, they won both of the following maps against FENNEL with close, yet victorious 13:11 and 13:10 scores. Lag Gaming moved on to round 2 of the Lower Bracket so don’t count them out just yet.


FENNEL’s first match against FIRST Gaming wasn’t off to the best start and it ended with a 12:14 loss in overtime. Split was a different story though and FENNEL had an easier time defeating FIRST Gaming 13:5. That same attitude didn’t carry over into Haven, which FIRST Gaming ended up winning 13:8, putting FENNEL into the Lower Bracket as well where they lost against Lag Gaming and were eliminated from the tournament. They will have to start all over again in the Second Stage.

FIRST Gaming

Speaking of FIRST Gaming, they started VCT Japan Masters with that successful 2:1 win against FENNEL. Even though they looked confident going into their match against Crazy Raccoon, they met their match with an 0:2 loss and will have to battle it out in the second round of the Lower Bracket against FAV Gaming.

FAV Gaming

But how did FAV Gaming do? They really gave REJECT a run for their money, winning one match and taking a second into overtime. Even though they looked good, they weren’t good enough to actually get past REJECT, who beat them 2:1. In the first round of the Lower Bracket, they got a taste of redemption by defeating BLUE BEES 2:0. Catch their next match against FIRST Gaming to see who keeps going and who has to go home.


REJECT stayed true to their name, rejecting FAV Gaming’s inclusion into the Upper Bracket. They weren’t able to say the same to the dominating Absolute JUPITER and after two identical 9:13 losses, they’ll have to prove their worth once again in the second round of the Lower Bracket against Lag Gaming.


These guys just straight up didn’t have a good time on the first day of VCT Japan Masters. Interestingly enough, they took a match against Absolute JUPITER to overtime but were unable to close it out and actually win it. A 0:2 loss put them in the lower bracket against FAV Gaming where they lost 0:2 yet again and were knocked out from the tournament.

Absolute JUPITER

Is it really a surprise that Absolute JUPITER dominated on their first day? It was all 2:0 victories for them that put them in the Upper Bracket Final against Crazy Raccoon. Two 2:0 teams facing each other should make for an exciting match to watch.

  • Crazy Raccoon 2:0 Lag Gaming
  • FIRST Gaming 2:1 FENNEL
  • REJECT 2:1 FAV Gaming
  • Absolute JUPITER 2:0 BLUE BEES
  • Lag Gaming 2:1 FENNEL
  • FAV Gaming 2:0 BLUE BEES
  • Crazy Raccoon 2:0 FIRST Gaming
  • Absolute JUPITER 2:0 REJECT

That’s that for the first weekend of VCT Japan Masters! Tune in next week, same time, same channel, for a recap of the second weekend! In order to not miss it, follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.