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VCT Europe: Challengers 3 Day 1 Results

VCT Europe: Challengers 3 Day 1 Results

Gabriel Ionica


VCT Europe Challengers 3 is now underway and we already have the results of the first two matches of Round of 8. Did an upset happen? Read on and find out!

GUILD Esports VS Wave Esports

Guild Esports actually failed to make it to Challengers 2 while Wave Esports was knocked out of Challengers 2 by Alliance. That means that, in a way, this matchup was a redemption game for both teams. Guild had a very strong start in the first half of Split, with Wave failing to make any sort of massive comeback against them. The same was the case in the second half of the match despite Wave’s Mathias “SEIDER” Seider topping both leaderboards with a 198.2 ADR. That said, Guild took Split with a very convincing 13:5 score and moved the game along into Haven.

The story on Haven wasn’t very different from Split, with Guild taking yet another strong head start against Wave. Despite SEIDER‘s best efforts once again, Wave was unable to get more than three rounds in the first half, with Guild closing it out 9:4. Guild’s Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel led the charge for his team with 3 three-kills to his name. A final kill by Sayf ended the game 13:6 for Guild and knocked Wave Esports out of Challengers. Guild Esports are the fifth team to qualify for Masters 1 in March.

G2 Esports VS DFUSE

G2 had a fantastic start on Ascent, taking a nine-round lead over DFUSE in the first half. DFUSE took a measly three rounds at the end, bringing the initial score to 9:4 in favor of G2. The second half was not much better for DFUSE and G2 took the remaining four rounds needed to win the game 13:3.

That fantastic start didn’t carry over to Split where despite an initial two-round lead, DFUSE kicked it into high gear. Ten rounds and a 4k from Patryk “paTiTek” Fabrowski later, DFUSE was in the lead by two rounds, bringing the score to 7:5. Even with Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas in the lead, G2 didn’t fare much better in the second part of Split, with DFUSE denying G2’s attempts at defusing the spike. Despite their best efforts, G2 lost Split to DFUSE 8:13.

Bind was G2’s last chance at redemption and right from the start, things were not looking well. DFUSE jumped into a six-round head start once again, with G2 barely recovering at the end of the first half. It wasn’t enough to take the lead though, and the first half went to DFUSE once again with a 7:5 score. G2 was only able to take two more rounds in the second half which meant a disappointing loss for them but a very solid 13:7 win from DFUSE.

  • Guild Esports 2:0 Wave Esports
  • DFUSE 2:1 G2 Esports

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