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VCT Europe Challengers 2 Main Event Preview: Which two teams will make it to the Challengers Playoffs?

VCT Europe Challengers 2 Main Event Preview: Which two teams will make it to the Challengers Playoffs?

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


After an exciting Closed Qualifier of VALORANT Champions Tour Europe Challengers 2, only eight teams remain. Those eight teams have made it to the Main Event where only two places for the elusive EMEA Challengers Playoffs remain.

Four European teams have already made it to the Challengers Playoffs from Challengers 1. Those are Acend, G2 Esports, Guild Esports, and FunPlus Phoenix.

The EMEA Challengers Playoffs guarantees four places for Masters Berlin, the last Masters event in VALORANT in 2021. 12 teams will brawl it out to see who gets to take it to the main stage in Germany in early to mid September.

Opening Matchups of Challengers 2 Main Event

The first matchups of the Main Event look as follows:

  • Team BDS vs TENSTAR
  • Team Liquid vs Team Vitality
  • Rix.GG Thunder vs Giants Gaming
  • Fnatic vs Alliance

The event embodies a double elimination bracket so each team will have a second chance if they lose their first matchup.

Team BDS vs Tenstar

TENSTAR came out of nowhere to get this far. The British organization saw their VALORANT team defeat Team Heretics with a clean sweep to be the first qualified team from the Closed Qualifier in Challengers 2. An impressive feat indeed. However, TENSTAR are going up against Team BDS (former Opportunists org-less roster), a team that has proved to be among the finest European VALORANT squads out there. The French medley, led by Radolphe “rodeN” Bianco, is a force to be dealt with, especially aim and ability wise.

Prediction: Team BDS 2-0 TENSTAR

While TENSTAR’s journey is more than admirable, Team BDS’ track record in VALORANT throughout 2021 is simply too impressive for us to vouch for TENSTAR. Though BDS have failed to get themselves into the highest points of contention when it mattered most, we think it’s going to be a clean 2-0 in their favor in this opening matchup of Challengers 2 Main Event.

Team Liquid vs Team Vitality

Possibly the most exciting matchup from the opening matches. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom’s side will face the slightly reformed Team Vitality, now playing with Mohamed “Shalaby” Shalaby. Though Team Vitality suffered a devastating loss to Giants Gaming in the Closed Qualifier, they bounced back with force and defeated NIP and Team Heretics to get themselves this far.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, surely have one goal and one goal only. To get themselves into Masters Berlin. After their run in Masters Reykjavik, Liquid are hungry and if they have to overcome Team Vitality, so they will.

Prediction: Liquid 2-1 Vitality

While Team Vitality will most likely put up a hell of a fight, we think Liquid’s hunger will be the leading factor behind their victory on that day. If ScreaM and Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen turn up big in terms of sheer fragging, Vitality will have a rough time in taking command in the matchup.

Rix.GG Thunder vs Giants Gaming

Both sides have surprised everyone immensely at Challengers 2. Rix.GG Thunder saw themselves venture deep into VCT Challengers 1 of Stage 3 before getting knocked out by G2. They are back for a second shot at qualification for EMEA Challengers 2 as they received a fast pass into the Main Event.

Giants Gaming were another huge surprise in the Closed Qualifier of Challengers 2. Alongside TENSTAR, the Spanish-based team qualified from the Upper Bracket. Playing with David “davidp” Prins as stand-in, Giants had a clean run through the upper bracket defeating BIG, Vitality and Alliance.

Prediction: Rix.GG Thunder 0-2 Giants Gaming

While Giants Gaming proved to be able to overcome top European VALORANT teams, Rix.GG Thunder only bested Alliance, which is simply not enough for us to vouch for the team. It is sure that they will put up a fight, however, Giants have mightily impressed at the Closed Qualifier and seem to have caught a wave. Let’s see if they can ride it all the way. We think yes.

Fnatic vs Alliance

Fnatic needs no introduction. Despite that, Jake “Boaster” Howlett’s side was caught off-guard by G2 Esports in Challengers 1 when the reformed G2 side stunned Fnatic in the Lower Bracket to send them to this Main Event. They were also bested by their nemesis, Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket before that. This led to a rather rocky start to Stage 3 Challengers.

Alliance are a team full of ups and downs. In the Closed Qualifier they were bested by Giants Gaming and knocked to the Lower Bracket, where they bested BIG. Their Challengers 1 run was met with a victory over NIP, but a loss to Liquid and then Rix.GG. All in all, Alliance seems to be a rather strong force, but can’t quite find their rhythm in key moments.

Prediction: Fnatic 2-1 Alliance

Fnatic saw a rather weak start to Stage 3 of VCT given their track record, especially in Stage 2 of 2021. However, we know that Boaster‘s side is excellent in learning from their mistakes. Despite that, Alliance possess upset potential. That is why we’re giving the win to Fnatic. Yet, Alliance will take a map off.

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