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VCT Brazil Challengers 3: Final Results, Who’s Going to Masters?

VCT Brazil Challengers 3: Final Results, Who’s Going to Masters?

Phillip Miner


VCT Brazil Challengers 3 was the last chance for Brazilian teams to join the global stage in the VCT Masters phase. From VCT Brazil Challengers 2, four teams claimed the right to advance to Masters: Gamelanders, FURIA Esports, Vorax, and Team Vikings. Joining them from VCT Brazil Challengers 3 will be:

The Final Four

Imperial Esports previously tried to make a run in Challengers 1. In that stage, they managed to secure a Top 4 finish, seeding them in Challengers 2. However, in Challengers 2, FURIA Esports temporarily knocked them out of the running. Challengers 3 was their last chance to make it through the Challengers gauntlet. They did so by defeating Rise Gaming in the Group A Upper Bracket Final. Rise Gaming were subsequently defeated by paiN Gaming in the Lower Bracket Final, securing paiN Gaming’s spot in the Masters phase.

Meanwhile, in Group B, it was a battle of the unsigned teams! DELIRAWOWZK took on Squad5 in the Upper Bracket Final, where Squad5 dominated with a 2:0 score line. This of course shunted DELIRAWOWZK down to the Lower Bracket Final, where they were taken down by SLICK. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying, as DELIRAWOWZK made runs in all three Challengers stages. However, their presence in Masters was simply not to be.

What’s Next for Brazil?

Now that the top 8 Valorant teams from Brazil have been decided, the real test for them begins. In the Masters phase, these top 8 teams will duke it out until only two of them remain. The first and second place finishers will move onto the third and final phase of the Valorant Champions Tour, Champions! The Champions phase will see Brazil field two teams into the international pool of 16.

The first portion of Masters action for Brazil will take place this weekend, starting Saturday March 13. Of course, we here at Run it Back will report on the results!