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VCT Brazil Challengers 1 Qualifier: Playoff Preview

VCT Brazil Challengers 1 Qualifier: Playoff Preview

Phillip Miner


The Valorant Champions Tour is well underway, which you probably know unless you’ve not been keeping up with Valorant esports. Considering that in later phases of the VCT, the best from each region will face each other, it’s important to keep track of who wins where. VCT Brazil is no exception. The first set of playoffs begin January 30.

VCT Brazil Challengers 1 Qualifier: Playoff Preview

The Top 8 So Far

32 teams entered the ring of VCT Brazil’s open qualifiers. That’s not as huge a number as, say, North America’s 128. However, it’s still significant for a region where competitive Valorant isn’t as popular. From those 32 teams that entered, only 8 could make it to the playoffs stage in this phase. Here are the 8 teams that made it:

Of these 8, four of these teams are from prominent esports organizations in the region: FURIA Esports, Team Vikings, Vorax, and Imperial Esports. Team Vikings in particular has some money behind it as it’s currently owned by Brazilian professional football/soccer players João Pedro and Kaique Rocha.

Our Observations

6 of these 8 surviving teams managed to blow through the open qualifiers winning 2-0 each series they played. The two exceptions to this are DELIRAWOWZK and S5. Both teams won their second match in the open qualifiers 2-1, meaning they probably struggled a bit. That being said, DELIRAWOWZK got their 2-1 against the organization B4 Esports, which is impressive considering that B4 Esports finished Top 4 in First Strike. Similarly, S5’s victory against HighPower esports came in a dominant fashion after they lost their first map against them with a 13:9 score.

Vorax is a team to watch out for from this region. The main reason is because their team is the previously unsigned Brazilian team known as the Bottom Fraggers. This roster made waves in the region during First Strike, finishing in the Top 8. Sadly their run ended there not because they lost, but because three of their players contracted COVID-19 and couldn’t play further. Now that all three players have recovered, the whole team is hungry and looking for a victory.

We here at Run it Back will be keeping tabs on what happens with these playoffs. Of course, stay tuned here for our ongoing coverage of the Valorant Champions Tour!