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Vandal and Phantom pick rate across all regions at VCT Masters 1

Vandal and Phantom pick rate across all regions at VCT Masters 1

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The old age debate between the two premier rifles in Valorant, the Phantom and Vandal, will most likely never end. Some consider the unmatched potential of the one tap headshot at all ranges of the Vandal a deal that cannot be topped. Others consider the higher fire rate, slightly bigger magazine size, and untraceable bullets to give Phantom the edge. Wherever you stand on that debate, one thing is for sure, both weapons are the best buys for the buck for both, the average joe, as well as the professionals that we watch on Twitch.

Using our Run It Back analyst platform, our own Sam “Flameserpent” Rosenberg has gathered the data from all regions that were part of Valorant Champions Tour Masters 1, taking a look specifically at the Vandal and Phantom pick rates. The data below compares the pick rate of both rifles across all regions that took part at VCT Masters 1.

Vandal and Phantom at VCT Masters 1

Right off the bat it’s clear that the “middle of the globe”, meaning Europe, Turkey and CIS are the regions where Vandal reigned absolutely supreme. Turkey takes the crown as the region where Vandal was the go-to rifle at a whopping 84% of the time compared to the Phantom. Europe and CIS follow suit, with a close 75% and 67% respectively.

Japan and LATAM North is where things start to slightly even out. In Japan, it is still the Vandal that is preferred two thirds of the time, at 67%. In LATAM North, it’s almost equal, at a 45%-55% split in favor of the one-tap rifle.

Perhaps the most interesting data in it all is North America (NA). The data shows that the top level professionals over in NA were equally split 50-50, with neither rifle taking the stage.

Brazil and Korea are the only regions where the Phantom reigned king during VCT Masters 1. However, only slightly. In Brazil a 56/44 split emerges in marginal favor of the Phantom. Korea, finally, is a region where the Phantom was usually the most preferred rifle 61% of the time over the Vandal. It is in Korea that the Phantom saw the most edge over its cousin, the Vandal.

If we take into account the big picture, one conclusion can be drawn overall. The Vandal was the more preferred rifle during VCT Masters 1 on the global scale. If we compare the number of regions where the Phantom was favored over the Vandal, then the Vandal definitely wins this battle with a score of 5 to 2. The one-tap headshot potential across all ranges seems to be just too much of an advantage versus what the Phantom brings to the table. At least in most cases around the world at VCT Masters 1.

We will be closely monitoring the meta situation during Challengers and Masters 2: Reykjavik and be giving you and update on the Vandal vs Phantom debate.

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