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Valorant’s First Strike Brazil to be a LAN event

Valorant’s First Strike Brazil to be a LAN event

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


It has been confirmed that the Brazilian Valorant First Strike event will be a LAN event. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic still being a massive problem in many regions of the world, including Brazil, Riot Games will host its first huge Valorant event in Brazil as a LAN, all the while maintaining prevention protocols at the tournament.

Brazil Gets First Strike LAN

The information has been initially confirmed by Guilherme “Tixinhadois” Cheida, a popular League of Legends Brazil commentator and public figure.

“First-hand news.

The Main Event of First Strike of Valorant Brazil, December 3-6, will be hosted at Riot Games Brazil studio.

Riot will use the entire prevention protocol that was used in the CBLOL finals! The official announcement will be made soon < 3 < 3.”

The news has been officially confirmed by the Valorant Brasil Twitter soon after.

“If the boss spoke, it is spoken!

We will have the Valorant First Strike in LAN form, straight from the Riot Studios in Sao Paulo!”

Brazil’s First Strike event is currently undergoing through Open Qualifiers. The fourth and final Open Qualifiers are set to take place from November 7-8. Those will be followed by a Closed Qualifier November 13-15. Finally, the Main Event will take place right in Sao Paulo, Brazil December 3-6, and will have a prize pool of R$200,000 BRL (~$34,500 USD).

Riot Caters to Brazilian Valorant Scene

Riot Games was quick to recognize the popularity of first-person shooters in Brazil. Given the popularity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the South American region, Valorant has been quick to grow in Brazil especially.

The move to make First Strike Brazil a LAN event is no random decision. 2020 was supposed to be the year in which CSGO finally hosts its biannual Major in the heart of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, named ESL One: Rio 2020. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the event was first postponed, before it got scrapped entirely. This has left many fans devastated as 2020 was the first year without a CSGO major, and the year that was supposed to see CSGO go right in the heart of Brazil, where millions of CSGO fans reside.

The ESL One: Rio was initially moved to November before being cancelled entirely by Valve.

Riot has capitalized on this. Valve may have failed to deliver their Major in Brazil, but Riot is attempting to make the most of it. The first ever big Valorant event will be held as a LAN in Sao Paulo. Even though the event is only for the Brazil region, it will still be received positively by a very large chunk of the esports community in Brazil.

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