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Valorant’s Act III Introduces New Map Named Icebox, Features a Usable Zipline

Valorant’s Act III Introduces New Map Named Icebox, Features a Usable Zipline

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Riot Games developers have just announced that the beginning of Valorant’s Act III will come with a brand new map. Named Icebox, the new Valorant tundra map will have a nifty new game mechanic, mountable ziplines.

Fifth Map to the Map Pool

With the map pool being very shallow in Valorant, Icebox will be the fifth map in the game. This will make map vetos a lot easier, especially in competitive best-of-five (BO5) scenarios, where the decider map will now not have to be a repeat map. Having four playable maps is overall and underwhelming experience. Many have voiced their concerns on social places such as Reddit over poor replay value of Valorant due to only four maps. Icebox will diversify the map pool with its unique tundra biome, and lessen the chance of someone rolling Split once again.

Valorant’s fifth map was not supposed to release now. Each Act was planned to introduce a new agent, while every episode (lasting three acts) introduces a new map. However, the developers have listened to the community and released Icebox earlier than planned.

Ziplines on Icebox

Every Valorant map differentiates itself with an exclusive feature. Bind has teleporters, Split has ascenders, Haven has three bombsites, while Ascent has closable doors. Icebox is no different. Revealed in the official preview, Icebox features Ziplines that can be used by agents to traverse certain parts of the map. How exactly will ziplines work are currently a mystery. For now all we know is that they are present on the new Valorant map. However, a lot of questions arise regarding gun accuracy, movement speed, and control, whilst traversing on the exclusive feature to be found on Icebox.

We are expecting Icebox to be added just after the end of Act II and with the beginning of the last act of the first Episode. meaning October 14. We are yet to hear about the new agent that should also be added with the beginning of Act III.

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