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VALORANT Update 3.03 reverts Viper’s ultimate center of placement, adds advanced crosshair settings

VALORANT Update 3.03 reverts Viper’s ultimate center of placement, adds advanced crosshair settings

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


VALORANT patch 3.03 is finally here as Riot Games developers are back from a well-deserved vacation. The patch, even though not large, brings some rather valuable changes into the competitive shooter. Viper mains will be a bit disappointed with a bug fix that is in a way a nerf. Other players will be excited for the advanced crosshair settings with a promise that will be fulfilled down the line.

Viper’s Ultimate Placement Reverted

Viper, before patch 3.01, always placed her Viper’s Pit Ultimate from where she was standing. This would cause the pit to cover area around her. However, patch 3.01 changed that. Viper players were able to place the Ultimate using the on-ground reticle. This would cause the Ultimate to start dispersing from that point. Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski discovered that shortly after the patch notes.

Unfortunately, this rather quality-of-life change emerged to be a bug that was accidentally shipped in the patch. The current patch, 3.03 reverts that bug. Viper’s Pit will now start spreading from the agent as before. Riot devs gave the following justification in the official patch notes for the revert:

We think that Viper’s Pit can be a very potent tool for holding an area. Given that impact, it’s important that her team pays the cost of securing ground before she can place her ult, as opposed to being able to cast it forward into areas without giving up her position.

Advanced Crosshair Settings

VALORANT shipped with pretty solid crosshair customization options. Players could, and still can, customize their crosshair exactly how they would want them to look like. However, patch 3.03 adds even more options to the hefty list.

A “Use Advanced Options” setting allows for customizing ADS crosshairs as well as the dot you see while wielding the Marshall and Operator sniper rifles.

To add to that, Riot devs are working on a setting to save and switch between multiple crosshair profiles. That would definitely allow for us to experiment more while not losing the settings of our original crosshair.

  • Turn on “Use Advanced Options” to additionally customize your ADS crosshair and sniper scope center dot!
  • Added the ability to save and switch between multiple crosshair profiles
    • We hear y’all on wanting the ability to share your crosshair settings, and we agree! We don’t have an exact time frame on when that will be coming, but it is definitely on our radar.
  • Added a setting to set a minimum firing error across all weapons
  • Added a setting to use the primary crosshair with shotguns

The rather small update, also contains some bug fixes and minor competitive updates. Check out the full, official list of path notes for all the details!

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