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Valorant update 2.08 features a Breeze-only unrated queue and coach slots

Valorant update 2.08 features a Breeze-only unrated queue and coach slots

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The newest Valorant map, Breeze, is finally here. Being added into the game with update 2.08 to Valorant, the map will receive its own unrated queue for two weeks. The update also adds dedicated coach slots. This marks the beginning of Valorant’s Episode 2 Act III.

Welcome to Breeze

– Added a Breeze-only Unrated queue for those who want to grind our new map.

– Breeze will also be available in standard queues for Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation as well as Custom games.

– This queue will only be active for two weeks. During this two week period, Breeze will not be available in the standard Unrated or Competitive queues. Following this period, the Breeze-only queue will be disabled and Breeze will then become available in the existing Unrated and Competitive queues.

As we can see, the introduction of Breeze into Valorant will be a smooth one. Players will be able to get acquainted with the map before it appears in the Rated and Unrated queues by having the option to queue into an Unrated-Breeze-only mode available for two weeks. Let’s treat it as a training period!

Coach Slots

– Coach slots have been added to Tournament Mode Custom Games

Coach slots Current Functionality:

– Coaches can spectate Tournament Mode games and are locked to observing the team chosen in the custom game lobby.

– Coaches cannot use Map Pings, Team Chat, or Voice Chat in-game.

– Coaches can use All Chat and Party Chat to allow for cases where they may need to communicate with a Tournament Moderator.

– Coaches can pause a match in cases where that functionality is allowed to players.

The world of competitive Valorant finally brings Coach Slots to the table with update 2.08. Coaches act as observers and have a limited range of actions at their disposal. They may only use the chat to contact a moderator and pause a match if the option is enabled.

For the full list of patch notes, check out the official Valorant website.

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