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Valorant Team Cloud9 Blue Add Poiz to Roster

Valorant Team Cloud9 Blue Add Poiz to Roster

Phillip Miner


After being unsigned for months, Michael “Poiz” Possis is poised to join Cloud9, pun definitely intended. Poiz will join Cloud9 Blue as their sixth player, though his role has yet to be clearly revealed.

A Dark Horse of a Player

Poiz was a former Top 30 Ranked Overwatch player before he entered Valorant during the closed beta. In Valorant, however, hardly anyone heard of him under the name of “Poiz” itself. Instead, people knew of this player by the rather risqué alias of “Doinkmachine97.” That’s not all he’s known as either. According to an article posted on the official Valorant website itself, he gamed in Valorant under multiple aliases, such as “Bladestorm” or “ShadowGOD399.”

During his time in Valorant so far, Poiz has made Jett his go-to agent of choice. (That would explain why one of his accounts was named “Bladestorm.”) He’s even made a YouTube channel showing his exploits as a Jett main, one of his videos audaciously titled “What it Looks Like to Master Jett in Valorant.”

Poiz has had a little tournament experience prior to joining Cloud9 Blue. He played under the unsigned team “SOR,” first in the UMG Tournaments and then in a Nerd Street Gamers Monthly tournament. His team ranked pretty low in these tournaments, never climbing past Top 16, but they did fall to heavyweights such as Andbox, NRG, and Equinox Esports.

Make no mistake about Poiz‘s skill, though. Poiz is near the top on the North America leaderboards for a reason. Cloud9 Blue picking him up might be just the break he needs to go big. However, seeing as he’s the sixth signed member of Cloud9 Blue’s roster, Poiz might be a sub at this time. His exact role has yet to be announced, but we predict he’ll be playing Jett when he finally sees some action with them.

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