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Valorant Remake Feature Criticized for Being Unfair

Valorant Remake Feature Criticized for Being Unfair

Gabriel Ionica


There is turmoil in the Valorant subreddit. This time around, the remake feature is in the crosshairs of the players who are calling the feature “unfair”.

What is the Remake Feature?

Glad you asked. Back in Patch 1.07, Riot added a way for players to queue for a new match if they begin the game with a 4v5. Players can launch the vote by typing “/remake” in chat and then vote. The vote must be unanimous for the queue to restart.

The player who abandoned will receive full MMR loss for the game and a leaver penalty equivalent to leaving an entire match. Sound good right? Well, not quite.

The Issue with the Feature

The problem is that players can only remake “if any player is disconnected at the start of the match (beginning of buy phase) through the entire first round”.

if a player is AFK in the first round, they’ll still be present in the next round and the team can’t remake the match. If someone leaves during the pistol round, the same thing happens. Search “remake” in the Valorant subreddit and there are pages of posts complaining about the same thing.

The window for a remake vote to happen is way too short. A player basically has to leave before the game even starts to call a remake vote. For the system to be fair, the game should allow players to call a remake vote until round five. That gives the disconnected player enough time to come back and the in-game players have a longer time to call the vote.

The issue that might arise then is that someone might not want to call the vote for whatever reason. The only way to fix that would be to make the vote a 3/4 requirement instead of 4/4.

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