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VALORANT Patch 3.01 addresses various bugs including the ability to heal KAY/O while in downed state

VALORANT Patch 3.01 addresses various bugs including the ability to heal KAY/O while in downed state

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


VALORANT Patch 3.0 saw an impressive list of changes to the price of weaponry and abilities. It also included tweaks to running or walking and gunning. It was a behemoth of an update. Patch 3.01 is very tame in regards to actual gameplay changes. Instead, the list includes a list of bug fixes. The most interesting bug fixes revolve around agent Sage, KAY/O, and Skye.


– Sage’s can no longer place Barrier Orb on some projectiles while they’re in the air
– Fixed bug where Skye was able to activate the flash of Guiding Light while suppressed
– Fixed the ability to heal KAY/O while downed in NULL/CMD
– Fixed Sova’s Recon Bolt projectile from looking deployed for enemies when flying
through the air

Sage’s Barrier Orb has seen plenty of exploits in the past. Placing the Barrier Orb on top of things to attain nasty angles is still a powerful mechanic. However, some players abused that to place the wall on top of projectiles. That has been fixed in Patch 3.01.

KAY/O suppress ability is mighty powerful and should nullify all agents from using their abilities. Skye got away with activating her Guiding Light flash while suppressed. That will no longer take place.

KAY/O has the ability to be revived when downed while using his ultimate ability NULL/CMD. Sage and Skye were able to heal him while in that state before Patch 3.01.


– Fixed a bug where you were able to abuse text chat colors to impersonate system
– Fixed a bug where the invite button UI overlapped with Defender Coach UI in Custom
– Fixed bug where names were appearing as question marks if you had the “Use Generic
Names for Players Outside my Party” setting turned on

Patch 3.01 addresses some social bugs that came to life following the last update. The fix involving impersonating messages seems to be a rather important one as that could potentially have serious implications.


– Fixed alignment issues in Observer view
– Fixed Account Leveling issue where some of you got a lower level than intended
– If impacted, you will receive your correct Account Level and will keep the AP
gained while playing at the incorrect level.
– Fixed visual issues affecting Account Leveling at the End of Game screen

Progression includes a pleasant update for select players. Some VALORANT users may have received a lower Account Level than intended. Patch 3.01 fixes this issue and affected players should receive the appropriate Account Level.

That wraps it up for VALORANT Patch 3.01. No agent or weapon changes this time around.

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