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VALORANT Patch 2.11 includes teasers for new Agent

VALORANT Patch 2.11 includes teasers for new Agent

Jalen Lopez


VALORANT patch 2.11 added a few updates to the game and fans have also noticed in-game hints referencing the new Agent coming in Episode 3. 

Valorant lore enthusiast cynprel uploaded a short clip of a knife sticking out of a radianite box on Breeze. The knife features purple sparks every few seconds, which align with previous information teased by Riot Games. 

In a May blog post, Character Producer John Goscick confirmed a new Agent would be released in Patch 3.0. The agent “can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay,” which has led many fans to believe the new character can negate other abilities. The purple sparks coming from the knife might be the first hint at how this ability will function.

Valorant Data Miner floxay also discover the codename for the new Agent: Grenadier. This might imply that the Agent can stop other abilities with their knife. The Agent might be able to throw multiple knives per round to assist their team. Riot Games has not released any official information, however. 

Another Data Miner, Disturbo, confirmed the teleporter on Breeze is now active. The screen states “Arrival Imminent.” This is likely hinting at the new Agent that will be available in Patch 3.0. 

New Agent in Episode 3?

Episode Three might also feature price changes for multiple weapons that could affect the in-game economy. Riot has not confirmed these changes, and it is unclear how they will be introduced into the game.  

Regardless, it already appears that Episode 3 will have a lot of new content to enjoy and a new Agent to learn. 

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