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Valorant patch 2.01 brings changes to Split and a Jett smokes nerf

Valorant patch 2.01 brings changes to Split and a Jett smokes nerf

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Another week flies by as we see yet another update to our favorite competitive shooter, Valorant. This time, patch 2.01 brings about a round of changes for the map Split, widening a lot of doorways and choke points. Jett mains are going to be slightly dismayed, however, as their main Agent is getting a slight nerf to her smokes in the newest update.

Split Becomes More Open for Attackers

Split has received quite the overhaul in Valorant patch 2.01.

This Split update is focused around improving attacker options on the map, as well as reducing 50/50 checks, the depth of certain corners, and opening specific areas on the map by increasing chokepoint widths.

Basically, tight areas have been widened alongside some depths of corners, allowing for a swifter push from the attackers and less corners to worry about. All in all, the changes accommodate the attacking side for a smoother possibility of entering the site and pushing towards the defender spawn.

Arguably, the new widened Vent room doors and the new larger B Halls entrance are the most standout changes for the attacking side on Split.

New, widened B Halls entrance. Credit: Riot Games
The newly widened Vents entrance alongside a sloped corner. Credit: Riot Games

Jett’s Smokes Lose Value

Jett’s Cloudburst smokes used to last 7 seconds after being thrown. Compared to ~14 seconds of Omen’s Dark Cover, and 19.25 seconds of Brimstone’s Sky Smokes, that was not a lot. Valorant patch 2.01 makes this gap even bigger. Jett’s smokes will now only last for a measly 4.5 seconds.

As Riot developers explained, this is a continuation of the on-going Controller overhaul. Jett finds herself on the list in order to widen the gap and make the controllers shine in obscuring enemy vision via smokes and walls (Viper).

In a continuation of the Controller changes from Patch 2.0, we felt it was important to consider Jett’s smokes as well. In Patch 1.0, we increased Jett’s smoke duration to 7 seconds (from the then 4 seconds), and we are partially undoing that now. We’ve found that the result of that change was that Jett became a substitute for the Controller role, and reasonably aggressive teams could make use of her Cloudburst smokes to quickly take space without relying on a dedicated Controller. 

You can check out the full patch notes of Valorant’s update 2.01 on the official Riot page.

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