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Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Haven

Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Haven

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


While a simple concept, planting the Spike in Valorant must be done right. Where you plant the Spike may make the difference between losing and winning the round. Where the Spike is planted should be tailored to the current situation, especially taking into account how close or far the defenders are. It’s no use attempting to plant the Spike if you’re going to be gunned down before you get it down. Also knowing from where to defend the spike is key as the defenders will be doing everything they can to get that 7 second defuse in.

The positions are categorized by two out of five categories: safe, strong, standard, alternate, and dangerous. A strong and dangerous plant will be the most risky to plant, but will be the easiest (in theory) to defend. Alternate positions are good to mix things up given the scenario and to avoid being repetitive. A safe and standard position will be the go-to plant that is the most predictable.

Here are the best spots to plant the Spike on the Valorant map Haven, with explanations and suggested post-plant defensive spots and setups.

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A Bombsite

Haven’s A bombsite has fairly simple plant areas. The site is fairly straightforward, but the defenders have an advantage by having Tower (or Heaven) to their advantage. The plant area is very straightforward, with only a stack of boxes in the middle of it to provide cover for the attackers when planting.

Safe/Standard: Boxes

This is the safest and most standard plant you can ask for on A site on Haven. The boxes give cover from potential enemies in Haven and Connector. Well smoked off, watched, or blocked sides and Heaven, will guarantee this plant going down safely. This is also a relatively solid plant spot as the Spike can be watched from Short and Long, forcing defenders to watch those two spots. Utility can also be tossed in quite easily. As always, this is the most common plant spot so watch out for Killjoy’s Nanoswarm.

Strong/Dangerous: Middle of Site

This spot on A Haven is undeniably the strongest. The Spike can be viewed from all places, including Connector, Hell, and even Short. In a 1vsX situation with rotating defenders, they will need to check all possible spots and be weary where you could be situated. It is, of course, a risky plant so make sure that the coast is clear.

B Bombsite

The B bombsite on Haven is situated between A and C, and can be relatively easily rotated into from both sites. It is also one of the most difficult sites to retake, as the defenders will be watching those tight doorways.

Safe/Standard: Left Corner of Big Box

This should be the go-to plant for B site to get the Spike down fast. The left corner of Big Box provides cover from rotating defenders from A, as well as C, while leaving the Spike exposed to Mid Window. We don’t recommend planting on the other side of Big Box, as it is exposed to rotating players from A while not being visible from Mid Window. As usual, beware of Killjoy’s Nanoswarm on this particular spot.

Strong/Dangerous: Middle of Mid Doors

This is the most open plant you can get on B site on Haven. Potential defusers can be seen from all doorways leading to the site, as well as full Mid Window exposure. When planting, face Mid Window to get the spike slightly closer to Mid Ramp, making the Spike as visible as possible from each side on B site. This is a risky plant, nevertheless, so make sure those flanks are covered properly.


This is a much more creative plant to use on Haven’s B site. We consider this location to also be strong when you suspect an enemy defender in Mid. Planting in such manner at the back of Big Box, will give you visibility on the Spike from both doorways leading to C and A. When planting, make sure that you face the Big Box, to make sure that the Spike can only be defused when at the back of the box. This is an alternate strong plant that can come in handy in some set scenarios.

C Bombsite

The third bombsite on Haven, is slightly more complex than A, but still involves planting for C Long. There are two plants that we recommend on this site that are ideal given a safe or dangerous scenario.


This is the best safe variation we recommend on C site Haven. It is fully visible from Long, as well as gives the most visibility from Garage possible. Planting closer to the box in the corner makes it an even safer plant option, but your post-plant defense will be compromised as visibility from Long will be very limited. Someone should be watching Logs in case a sneaky defender tries to deny the plant. When planting, face Platform to maximize visibility from Long. Remember about Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, however.

Strong/Dangerous: Close Platform

While not far off from the safe plant, this Spike plant location is far more rewarding than the previous. The Spike now can be seen from deeper within Connector, and now is also fully visible from C Link, all the while maintaining good visibility from Long, as well as C Cubby. This allows for more creative plays on when defending the Spike as attackers. If you get the Spike down here, safely, that is.

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