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Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Ascent

Valorant Guide: Best Spike Planting Locations for Ascent

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


While a simple concept, planting the Spike in Valorant must be done right. Where you plant the Spike may make the difference between losing and winning the round. Where the Spike is planted should be tailored to the current situation, especially taking into account how close or far the defenders are. It’s no use attempting to plant the Spike if you’re going to be gunned down before you get it down. Also knowing from where to defend the spike is key as the defenders will be doing everything they can to get that 7 second defuse in.

The positions are categorized by two out of five categories: safe, strong, standard, alternate, and dangerous. A strong and dangerous plant will be the most risky to plant, but will be the easiest (in theory) to defend. Alternate positions are good to mix things up given the scenario and to avoid being repetitive. A safe and standard position will be the go-to plant that is the most predictable.

Here are the best spots to plant the Spike on the Valorant map Ascent with explanations and suggested post-plant defensive spots and setups.

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A Bombsite

Ascent’s A bombsite is relatively unique due to only one existing “easy” pathway for the defenders to enter from, Heaven. Smart A site attackers will close the A doors, making the defenders make a lot of noise and exposing their positioning. That position can then be smoked off or blocked by Sage’s wall. On the flip side, if oncoming defenders get hold of A Link and simultaneously attack from Heaven, there’s only one safe spot from where the defending attackers can watch the bomb from safely- A long.

Safe/Standard: Generator

This is one of the most standard plants on A site. Planting in front of the generator should be relatively safe given your teammates are watching A doors. This position can be then safely watched from A link (if taken) as well as A long. However, this position is susceptible to Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, so beware. Also, planting between the generator and wall can be an alternative, but defending attackers will have a slightly worse view of the Spike, especially from A link, forcing them to swing wide when necessary.

Safe/Alternate: Tetris

While not as safe as the previous spot, this one should still be safe if A doors and Heaven is watched for any defenders pushing in obnoxiously. Planting at Tetris gives the planters a much better view on the Spike from A link and A long when comparing to the previous plant.

Strong/Dangerous: Stairs

This is by far the strongest plant on A Ascent. This position can be watched from virtually every spot on the A site, even from Hell. However, make sure that the coast is clear as you’re also exposed from every side possible while planting.

Strong/Alternate: Corner

This is another strong plant for the A site. While sacrificing exposure from Hell, this plant can be seen deeply from A link. In a 1v1 situation this can be the perfect plant as you create distance between yourself and the defuser. It’s still a dangerous plant, nevertheless, so make sure Heaven especially is clear.

B Bombsite

Ascent’s B bombsite lies deep with the B area. Compared to its A counterpart, it’s slightly more complex. The site can be entered from two sides of the shed in the middle. Therefore, it’s key to block off Market and B Main for as long as possible. The B doors can be closed from Shed, providing additional precious seconds. Breaching the site, however, should prove to be more difficult than A, as there are more ways the defenders can surprise the attackers than on A site.

Safe/Standard: Tetris

This is the go-to plant for B site Ascent. Safely covered from any rotating defenders, this plant is only exposed to B back, which should be the first spot to be cleared by the attacking side. As per usual, watch out for Killjoy’s surprise Nanoswarm as this is the most common spot for her to leave it behind.

Strong/Dangerous: Backsite

This is a very strong plant for B Ascent. Attackers hiding in areas such as Tunnels or Shed, can peek out from Stairs or Rafters to surprise the defuser. This position is as strong as is the creativity of defending planters. Make sure, however, to have Stairs and Rafters clear before attempting the plant.

Strong/Alternate: Stairs

This is an exceptionally strong planting position if played right. While the Spike and defuser can barely be seen from Market, the defuser will need to be wary of positions such as B Back, Rafters, as well as attackers attempting to swing from Market and B Main. This is the perfect situation for a 1v1 scenario. Keep your opponent guessing and waste their time by making them check all the possible spots.

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