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Potential Valorant Game Modes: What’s in Store in the Future?

Potential Valorant Game Modes: What’s in Store in the Future?

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Valorant’s beta period was comprised of Unrated and Competitive matchmaking playlists. Once the game was released, more game modes were delivered to the first-person shooter. Spike Rush was the first one added. It took the base game mode of Valorant and amped it up for a casual and fun experience. The rounds are lessened, all attackers have a spike, and there are several game changing orbs laid across the map.

Following that, Riot Games added a Deathmatch mode. Abilities are gone, teams and the spike are nonexistent, and credits are aplenty. Players are able to buy whatever weapon they choose. The way to win is to reach 30 kills or have the most kills once the timer counts down. It was a player wishlist item for warming up and just having fun outside of the normal game mode.

These additions have brought about speculation for other potential game mode types. Valorant has a set in stone main game type, but more could always be added. This would bring new players to the game and allow current players to have a different experience.

Potential Valorant Game Modes

Team Deathmatch

Image via Riot Games

Team Deathmatch is a very popular game mode across many different titles. In Valorant, it could easily work in the same manner as Deathmatch. Players would spawn in as a random agent without the use of their abilities. Any weapon can be bought and teams would simply fight it out until the end. The timer would count down or the kill count would be reached and that’s that. This could be a way for teams to warm up their gun play and their communication.


Image via Riot Games

This may be far-fetched when it comes to Valorant, but it could make for some serious fun. The maps would be constricted to a small area. Players would be given the same weapon to keep things fair, but the weapon would change each round. The round begins and both players have at it. It would make for some fun tournaments or challenges between friends. Being able to 1v1 outside of the custom settings could be a wonderful playlist.

Gun Game

Image via Riot Games

Gun Game is an extremely popular game mode in Call of Duty with copycats across many other games. Valorant’s guns are a blast to use. Having a Gun Game mode within the shooter would be amazing. The premise of Gun Game is that players start with a low level gun and make their way up to the higher powered weapons. Players could start with a Classic and rack up kills with each gun until the Operator or melee acts as the finale.

Battle Royale Mode

No one can deny that the battle royale (BR) genre has taken over gaming. Fortnite, COD: Warzone, Apex Legends, PUBG, and so many more games have tweaked the BR genre to their liking and made for popular releases. Valorant may be next. A prominent Valorant Leaks Twitter account has noted a game mode in the coding that could very well resemble a BR mode.

The mode is said to contain orbs like Spike Rush and other orbs dedicated for health, weapons, and abilities. This seems very much like the looting aspect of a battle royale game. Would this work in Valorant? Who knows? But if they implement it, a load of people are more than likely going to try it out.

Site Retake

The same Valorant Leaks Twitter account mentioned a “SiteRush” file. This could be similar to the site retake servers that have become popular on CS:GO. It could also be a time based mode. Players would already be on the site with a planted Spike as the round started. The defending team would then need to clear the site and defuse the Spike as fast as possible. Whichever team does this faster would be the winner. There are a lot of possibilities with a game mode like this one.

No one knows what the future truly holds for Valorant outside of what is already announced. A new tournament, changes to matchmaking, and a brand new map are on the way. In terms of new game modes, there is nothing confirmed as of yet. However, we think this is just a matter of time.

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