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VALORANT Fracture Guide: best angles to play like the pros

VALORANT Fracture Guide: best angles to play like the pros

Sinan Koyuncu


Run It Back’s special best angles to play like the pros series continues. In this piece we’ll be looking into the VALORANT Fracture map. As every map has it, Fracture requires learning angles and adapting to situations to improve over time. By learning these angles below, you’ll surely improve your game, and with it, your chance of winning games and advancing in those ranks!

Before we dive into Fracture, make sure to check out our best angles to play like the pros for the following maps:

A Bombsite

Playing inside of A Bombsite is real trouble for defenders on Fracture since most of the hiding spots can be wallbanged. This one is one of them, but many players forget to clear it, which might give you an opportunity to take some kills.

Assuming you have a teammate who covers A Rope, you can peek A Main from this angle and then change your position by taking cover on the left side.

A tiny angle that gives you a slight advantage. It’s likely you’ll get consecutive fights as there is not much room for escape.

When you don’t want to allow your rivals to get to A Rope, this position provides you additional cover against attacks from A Door. Also, you can crossfire with your friend that plays on Rope.

An off-angle for A Door attacks. However, you have to let your teammates know that attackers might pass beneath you, so communication is key.

Same location, but this time you’re peeking A Drop. Even though this is a quite common position, the little change we made puts you in a better situation.

This one is risky, especially if you take this position early in the round as people check here most of the time. However, you can take advantage of the slightly higher ground and potential chaos as A Bombsite has a lot of spots to check when entering.

You desperately need someone to cover you from the left side while holding this angle. Otherwise, it’s a coinflip.

Due to the map’s nature, playing aggressively on Fracture’s defense often makes sense. Players are willing to capture one of the sides at least. In this position, you can stop any aggressive plays from A Dish.

B Bombsite 

Checking every single angle one by one while attacking B Bombsite is crucial. You can start with this position.

We usually witness someone hiding behind these boxes on B Arcade when they want to defend the bombsite from the front. This is a great spot to clear it.

Nearly the same location, but slightly different. This time, you swing right a little bit more to take the fight to anyone holding from B Tower.

After capturing the boxes on B Arcade, I suggest you spend a few seconds here to cut the rotation from B Generator.

It’s likely that you’ll lose control of B Bombsite. The angle below gives you a nifty angle to hunt attackers who run towards B Tower.

The view from the other side of the angle I just showed. This time, we’re looking at the scenario as a defender who defends B Arcade.

Even if players usually smoke B Generator, they often forget this spot exists. You can catch them while they’re getting into the site.

You can’t always leave the bombsite in a free-to-take state. Those times when a fight is needed, consider this angle which is perfect for the opening duel.

Same spot, but this time we wait for attackers to settle into the bombsite. Don’t reveal your location before they arrive so they don’t notice your ambush.

This is another off-angle right under B Tower. You can use the boxes as cover by moving around them.

Especially later in a round or when you push from B Arcade, holding B Tunnel aggressively might provide you more time to rotate around the map.

Don’t peek at B Main right away at the start of a round. Instead, walk through here and get this off-angle. In this way, you will have a higher chance of winning the potential opening duel.

You push B Main as a defender and tell your teammates to focus on other spots. Then hide and kill everyone who makes the mistake of coming here.

You can also consider this spot after capturing B Main. This one is more expected than the one above, but it still works.

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