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Valorant First Strike Japan – Qualifier Recap

Valorant First Strike Japan – Qualifier Recap

Richard Brown


The two qualifiers for the Valorant First Strike Japan event have concluded, with four teams qualifying from each qualifier for the Regional Finals.

The first qualifier took place from November 14 – 15, while the second lasted through November 21-22. Sixteen teams competed in each event, doing their best to qualify for the main event. The main event is set to take place on December 3 – 6, and features a prize pool of ¥5,000,000 (≃ $48,153 USD).

The event format for each qualifier saw the sixteen teams play out a standard single-elimination bracket. The round of 16 matches were in a best-of-one (BO1) format, while the round of 8 matches were in a best-of-three (BO3) format. This meant that teams only needed to win one BO1 and one BO3 match, in order to qualify for the main event.

First Strike Japan – Qualifier #1

The most notable team making it through the first qualifier would of course be Absolute JUPITER. They will certainly be one of the contenders to win the main event. SCARZ, Crazy Raccoon and FAV Gaming join them as the other three teams that qualified.

Blackbird Ignis and REJECT must be disappointed with these results, as they are familiar faces within the Japanese scene. Luckily they had a chance in the second qualifier to make it through.

First Strike Japan – Qualifier #2

Three of the teams that made it through to the second round during the first qualifier were able to make it through to the main event in the second qualifier. DetonatioN Gaming, who never participated in the first qualifier joined these three teams to make up the final eight teams that will compete at the main event.

We will be sure to follow this event as it unfolds, providing recaps of the main event.

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