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Valorant NSG First Strike Qualifiers: Group Stage Recap

Valorant NSG First Strike Qualifiers: Group Stage Recap

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North America’s best and brightest teams in the Valorant First Strike series competed for the right to play in the Nerd Street Gamers (NGS) playoffs today. Groups A and B, containing such high-caliber teams as Cloud9 Blue, 100 Thieves, and T1 all gave us a hell of a show as the group stages concluded. Groups C and D are nothing to sneeze at either, featuring such heavyweights as TSM, Sentinels, and even an unsigned team known as the Slimy Boogermen.

As the group stage concludes, the top 2 teams of each group will play in the playoffs. From there, the top four teams will advance straight to the main event while the remaining four will have to play in a second open tournament to stay alive in Valorant First Strike.

Group A Winners: Cloud9 Blue and 100 Thieves

This was arguably the most exciting group to watch, as fan favorite teams Cloud9 Blue and 100 Thieves dueled in the Winners’ Match. The match went all the way to a third map, where Cloud9 Blue ultimately prevailed. This meant 100 Thieves had to fight Luminosity Gaming to stay alive, where 100 Thieves won in dramatic 2-1 fashion. Meanwhile, XSET put on a disappointing performance as they first fell against Cloud9 Blue and then against LG in the Losers’ Match.

Cloud9 Blue will join 100 Thieves in the Quarterfinals of the playoffs.

Image Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group B Winners: Complexity Gaming and T1

Complexity Gaming put on a commanding performance in Group B. They didn’t drop a single map as they dominated T1 and then Gen.G to secure a spot in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Gen.G were able to win 2-1 against Equinox Esports, but they lost steam afterwards. They lost to Complexity Gaming and then afterwards T1 in the Decider Match. Equinox Esports, meanwhile, lost their second map against T1 and were eliminated.

T1 will join Complexity Gaming in the Quarterfinals.

Image Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group C Winners: Sentinels and Team Envy

In the opening matches, Team Envy prevailed over Spot Up, while the Sentinels took victory over Dignitas. From there, Spot Up put up a valiant fight against Dignitas in the Elimination Match but ultimately lost 2-1. The Sentinels then shunted Team Envy down to the Decider Match by winning 2-0. From there, Team Envy ultimately claimed victory after a tense match against Dignitas.

Sentinels and Team Envy will progress to the Quarterfinals.

Valorant First Strike Group C
Image Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group D Winners: TSM and Renegades

This group had the unsigned underdogs known as the Slimy Boogermen. Sadly the Boogermen couldn’t make it past the Renegades in the Decider Match. However, they certainly did better than Built By Gamers, who lost both of their initial matches. This leaves TSM and Renegades. TSM managed to come out with the higher seed against the Renegades in the Winners’ Match.

TSM and Renegades will both advance to the Quarterfinals.

Valorant First Strike Group D
Image Credit: Liquipedia Valorant


North America’s finest in the Valorant First Strike series have been decided in the Group Stage. The pool for who will make it to the main event without having to play further will be further whittled down by the playoffs. Chances are that Cloud9 Blue, TSM and Sentinels are the ones most likely to do well here. Though, that doesn’t mean they can be complacent against any of the other teams. It can still be anyone’s tournament.

Image Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

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