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Valorant dev hints at rated mode coming next week

Valorant dev hints at rated mode coming next week

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Ever since the end of the closed beta and the official release of Valorant on June 2, players have been eager to jump right into competitive and grind the ranks. However, Valorant released without the competitive mode, leaving only the Unrated and Spike Rush modes to choose from. However, Riot Ziegler, Valorant’s Game Director, has given us a heads up that rated (competitive) mode may be coming as soon as “sometime next week” via a Tweet.

Rated to arrive soon

Valorant is very much a competitive FPS shooter. With that, players expect a proper, hardcore, competitive mode in which they can show off their hard-earned rank. Many are eagerly waiting for competitive to be brought back into the game. Before Riot Ziegler’s tweet, however, we did not receive much information on when rated mode will be arriving to Valorant post-launch. Players got a taste of rated mode during the closed beta, however.

Some have found substitution for the official Valorant rated mode, one being Faceit’s Valorant PRO DIVISION. Riot Ziegler’s tweet, however, gives many players hope that if everything goes right, we will be able finally go into grind mode once again. This is not, however, official information provided by Riot Games. Hopefully, Riot Ziegler is spot on about competitive mode coming out next week.

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