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Valorant Beginner’s Guide: Split map call outs

Valorant Beginner’s Guide: Split map call outs

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


When it comes to Valorant maps, understanding call outs is important. For those in public matchmaking, communication can be hard. Random teammates could be toxic, could be friendly but incompetent, or could not even talk at all. There’s no guessing what type of teammate you’ll get.

If you’re lucky and happen to get that teammate who communicates like a champ, however, you are going to want to understand what they’re saying. Run it Back is here with a beginner’s guide to Valorant map call outs. Thus, making it easier to communicate, understand, and earn those ranks all the way up to Radiant.

Split Call Outs

Split is the most chaotic map in Valorant. There are so many twists and turns. A large portion of firefights will take place in confined areas. There are a few long approaches, but those are easily outnumbered by small rooms, tight corners, and overall claustrophobic conditions. It can be easy for a new player to get overwhelmed by all of the callouts for Split and the unlimited angles to hold.

Compared to the other maps, Split’s alternate call outs make much more sense. The terms created by the Valorant community are easy to understand and pick up on where the call out is mentioning for this map. It can still be confusing if you are brand new, so follow along and get the call outs correct right from the start of your Valorant career.

(Image Credit: PlayValorant.com)

A Tower & A Rafters

Like similar areas on other maps, these two both come with the Heaven label. It can be interchangeable between the inside of A Tower or the outside ledge of A Rafters. Being an elevated location looking over A Site, naturally, the community opted to call it Heaven. After heading up A Ramps, the next location on that path is A Tower. It has that entrance, an entrance from Defender Spawn, and an entrance from Mid Vent. There is a tight ledge on the outside of it when looking towards A Site. That is the A Rafters, location. Definitely try and be specific to which part of Heaven an enemy is, the inside or out.


“There’s one on the outside of Heaven.”

“I’m going to arrow into Heaven.”

A Site

A Site is not a hard one to remember. There are several points to A Site on Split, however. A Back is a set of stairs leading down to A Site. There is the back corner of the site over the wall from A Main. Lastly, there is the giant screen in the center of A Site with transit information on it. Sometimes you may hear a teammate call out Screen for that. This can be a bit confusing, though, with A Screens being right there. Typically, the callout used will be Transit or Transit Screen. This call out will let you or a teammate know that the spike is planted behind this big electronic box or if there is an enemy hiding there. A helpful hint: it can be shot through.


“I’m planting behind Transit.”

“I’m going to ‘nade behind the Screen.”

B Link to Mid Bottom

B Link connects B Main to Mid Bottom. Between those two areas are a small spot with masks hanging, a refrigeration unit, and some stools underneath a wooden table. This location, sometimes even including B Link and the closer part of Mid Bottom, is referred to as Mid Market. It is a prime spot for an Operator player to peek out to try and get a quick pick while the rest of the team is elsewhere. The same can be said from the defensive side. Players often keep their attention on Mid Market when it is their job to defend Mid.


“Brimstone, Ult Mid Market.”

“There is an Op down in Mid Market.”

Mid Vent

Mid Vent is the location where someone aiming down Mid on defense is more than likely sitting. If a rotation from A side goes through Mid, it will start at this point. The same goes for the opposite. If a player clears out Mid and wishes to rotate to A, they will have to take Mid Vent. Mid Vent consists of rappel ropes that lead to a deeper area before more ropes. That is why it is commonly referred to as Ropes. If a player is in that room, they will be noted as being in Ropes, even if they technically aren’t on the ropes themselves.


“Watch the flank through Ropes.”

“Sit in Ropes and get some picks when they run from the spike.”

B Tower & B Rafters

This is the exact situation A Tower and A Rafters face. They are both coupled together in one term, Heaven. Naturally, if the call out is coming from a teammate near B, they are speaking about that side’s Heaven and not the similar spot over by A Site. B Tower can be approached fairly easily through Mid Mail and B Stairs. This is a common area to push to through Mid or for a team to hold when they suspect an attack on B Site. Closer to the site, there is that tight ledge, matching A Site’s Heaven. The call-out refers to both.


“They’re coming through Heaven.”

“I’m going to wall of Mid from Heaven.”

B Lobby

B Lobby leads to B Link and B Main/Garage. Riot Games has been kind enough to put some player-created call outs as the official map names in-game, such as it now being called B Garage. B Lobby, however, shares a call out with another point near B. B Alley is almost never called that. Instead, it is labeled CT, referencing Counter-Terrorist spawn. Instead, B Lobby is often called Alley. It looks much more like an Alley than where the game itself calls B Alley.


“They backed up into Alley.”

“I’m coming up behind them through the Alley.”

Split is a map where utility is very important. It is just as important to know where to use that utility. If a player asks for a smoke, a flash, or a wall for example, into a specific area, it is imperative to know the call out for that area. These are the basics for Split regarding the alternative call out names for certain locations.

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