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Valorant Beginner’s Guide: Ascent map call outs

Valorant Beginner’s Guide: Ascent map call outs

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


When it comes to Valorant maps, understanding call outs is important. For those in public matchmaking, communication can be hard. Random teammates could be toxic, could be friendly but incompetent, or could not even talk at all. There’s no guessing what type of teammate you’ll get.

If you’re lucky and happen to get that teammate who communicates like a champ, you are going to want to understand what they’re saying nevertheless. Run it Back is here with a beginner’s guide to Valorant map call outs. Thus, making it easier to communicate, understand, and earn those ranks all the way up to Radiant.

Ascent Call Outs

Ascent is not a new map by any means at this point, but is the newest map in Valorant’s cycle. Enough time has passed for players to implement call outs of their own. Like every other map, in-game location names are sometimes replaced by an alternative call out created by the Valorant community.

Ascent’s sites themselves are fairly small. The map has a gigantic Mid, however. There is plenty of natural cover to hold angles behind and lanes to take a site from. If Mid control is contested, whoever wins that will more than likely go on to win the round. That is why knowing the call outs for Ascent is essential.

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A Rafters

For the first time ever, there is no Tower location. The elevated point overlooking A Site is simply called A Rafters. It’s a very open approach, therefore it gets the A Rafters designation rather than A Tower like the ones that are more of a room. That doesn’t change the call out, however. Heaven is the name. Similarly to Haven, A’s Heaven has an underneath that players can access. That is called Hell.


“Wall off Heaven after the spike is planted!”

“I’m going to Ult Heaven and Hell.”

A Garden

A Garden is the point between Mid Catwalk and A Site. It is known by several names, such as Tree or Door. The latter is due to A Garden connecting to A Site by a door that players can open and close. Any three of these call outs are as viable as the next one. Players will (and should) know what area you mean by calling out Garden, Tree, or Door.


“They’re pushing through Tree!”

“Close the Door on A.”

Mid Catwalk

The Mid sections of the Ascent are pretty easy to call out. The player created call outs aren’t much more than just shortening what the in-game map says. Mid Catwalk, the rather clunky and loud path, is simply shortened to Cat. This makes it much easier to shout out a single word than two words and multiple syllables. A teammate will automatically know you mean Mid Catwalk when you call Cat.


“They are Oping in the back of Cat.”

“Let’s push up Cat to take A.”

Mid Courtyard

Ascent’s Mid Courtyard is a large position in the center of the map, connecting the entire area together from both sites. Typically, Mid Courtyard will not be called out when a player spots an enemy making their way through. Instead, that entire area will be shortened to the call out Mid. Simple enough. It is flanked by Mid Link and Mid Catwalk, so be sure to properly call those out if the opponents are anywhere other than Mid Courtyard.


“They dropped from Cat to Mid.”

“I have an Op. I’ll watch Mid.”

B Main

B Main might be changed on the in-game map to B Garage. That’s how often the Garage call out is used. There is nothing wrong with shouting out B Main to your teammates, but Garage is the more common call out. This is the main point that leads to B Site, which is where B Main comes from. With several other maps having a Garage location, players opted to keep this simple and name it the same.


“I hear footsteps in Garage.”

“Someone is grabbing the orb in Garage.”

Mid Market to B Site

Right next to B Site is a small boathouse area. In it a button can be found, much like at A Site, allowing players to shut the door that leads from Mid Market. In front of that door is an elevated ledge. If an opponent is posted there rather than through the doorway, players will often refer to them as being on the Porch. It makes more sense than calling it a platform or yelling about someone being right outside of Mid Market.


“Killjoy put a turret on Porch.”

“I’m going to TP in next to Porch.”

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