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Valorant Awards: North America – Nonsense Edition

Valorant Awards: North America – Nonsense Edition

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


First Strike was an epic showing of talent from the best Valorant players around the world. North America saw some incredible matches, culminating in a win by 100 Thieves. Run It Back has already awarded the cream of the crop with the Valorant Awards: First Strike North America.

Now, things take a less serious turn. It’s time to have some fun and give out a handful of awards that are little nonsensical. Not everything that happened in First Strike involved crazy sniper stats or a wild amount of first blood kills in one game. A few moments were just a tad bit funnier, maybe even embarrassing.

This is the Run It Back Valorant Awards: North America – Nonsense Edition.

Valorant Awards: North America – Nonsense Edition 

Close Call

This is one of the more remarkable awards that will be given. The honor belongs to Sam “DaZeD” Marine. Close Call recognizes the player who defused the Spike with the least amount of time left. 0.069 seconds remained before DaZeD was able to stop the inevitable doom that is the Spike detonation. Good job on surviving at least another round with this one.

Repeat Offender

The Repeat Offender award is a doozy. It is being awarded to both James “hazed” Cobb and Spencer “Hiko” Martin. Hiko happened to kill hazed 23 times during the 100 Thieves vs. Team SoloMid Grand Final. That is more than any other combination of players. No one else had it out for another as much as Hiko did against hazed.

Early Grave

While Europe had a quicker death, it was by literally less than a second. In North America, the Early Grave award goes to the player with the fastest death in a round. That happened to be Jared “zombs” Gitlin. He died 1.928 seconds into a round. Just imagine stepping through the lowered Buy Round barrier and BOOM. You’re done for. Congratulations on this award zombs!

Show Stopped

Having the Show Stopped means Raze blows you up. That’s pretty simple. Seeing how Raze is a huge part of most team’s meta, it’s surprising to see this award with so little deaths attached to it. Regardless, congratulations to Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan for having his show stopped. He was killed by the Raze Ultimate Showstopper more times than any other player in First Strike NA, with a total of four.

Below the Belt

Headshots are where it’s at. That’s a fact. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing that dink and seeing the target pop up on the kill feed. One particular player in North America seems to have forgotten that. Or, he’s just twisted and likes dishing out his damage Below the Belt. This award belongs to the player with the most shots to enemies’ legs throughout First Strike Regional Finals in NA. Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk takes it with 42!

The Cutter

The Cutter awards goes to the player with the most melee kills through Valorant’s North America First Strike event. And what do you know? THERE WASN’T A SINGLE ONE! To say we at Run It Back are disappointed would be a massive understatement. There weren’t even any in the European region either! Do better, Valorant pros. Do better.

The Clutchmaster

The readers asked for it and they shall receive! The Clutchmaster award belongs to none other than “Hiko” for an insane 10 clutches throughout NA First Strike. The reason this award is in the Nonsense Edition is because we did not believe it when we saw it. 10 clutches throughout the event? That’s more than triple the next player on the list, but it checks out. It is absolute nonsense that teams would let him pull that off. Congratulations on the victory, Hiko. You truly are the Clutchmaster.

Major props to everyone who managed to pull off one of these feats for a Nonsense Award. Print it out and put it on your fridge.

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