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Valorant Awards: Europe – Nonsense Edition

Valorant Awards: Europe – Nonsense Edition

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


We’ve done First Strike awards for Europe. We’ve done them for North America too. Now, it’s time to get into the most important awards of them all. First Strike Awards: Nonsense Edition! Run It Back wanted to award individuals (or, nobody??) for being unfathomable, brave, or simply just unlucky. These awards are not serious, they’re super serious, and we had a lot of fun picking them out. In fact, we think these are far superior to our totally serious awards. Hope you enjoy these awards for the Europe region. Of course, congratulations to all the award-getters, you sure deserve those…or not really.

Europe First Strike Awards – Nonsense Edition

Close Call

Starting off with a pretty solid achievement, G2’s David “davidp” Prins receives our Close Call award. Davidp sure believes in just sticking the defuse on the Spike, even if the odds may be stacked against him. Remember, pros don’t fake!


Yeah… well this is embarrassing. FunPlus Phoenix’ Pontus “Zyppan” Eek, was the only player to die due to fall damage in First Strike Europe Regional Finals. To make things worse, in both Europe and North America Regional Finals. We know you like doing satchel boosts on Raze Zyppan, but sometimes you just need to chill the heck out friend. For that, you get our Dude…Really? award! Congratulations!

Early Grave

Imagine starting a fresh round in Valorant and dying after a mere 1.396 seconds. Yeah, that was Auni “AvovA” Chahade against SUMN FC’s Domagoj “doma” Fancev, who ended his life into the round prematurely. We should have awarded doma with the fastest kill, but we thought it would be funnier to award AvovA with the fastest death instead. Congratulations AvovA on your Early Grave award!

Need More Healing!

Alright AvovA, we need to have a chat about your dying habits in Valorant. First you got the fastest death in Europe’s First Strike Regional Finals, and now it turns out that you also died twice in the same round six times throughout the tournament! We know, we know. You’ve got Christian “lowel” Garcia Antoran on the Sage to resurrect your bum. But have the decency of not dying again, alright? This incredible feat got you your second Run It Back First Strike Nonsense award, Need More Healing! Congratulations once again AvovA!

Below the Belt

I just had a chat with AvovA. It seems like I need to school his teammate, Dustyn “niesoW” Durnas too. The fastest way to kill an opponent in Valorant is by shooting them in the head and upper body. Leg shots are certainly not the way to do it, niesoW. But hey, we thought you’d know that since you got The Gunslinger award. Anyway, we hope your habits change as we congratulate you on your Below the Belt award!

The Cutter

We see a big problem with this one. We really wanted to award someone with the most melee kills. To our disappointment, not a single player managed to get even one melee kill in the EU or NA region throughout the Regional Finals in First Strike. Maybe if the reward for getting a melee kill would results in getting an insane amount of credits, that would change? Waiting for your reply Riot, we want to see melee kills in Valorant!

Congratulations to everyone that received a Nonsense award. We hope you tell your family about your incredible feat!

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