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Valorant announces three new Ignition Series tournaments

Valorant announces three new Ignition Series tournaments

Joey Carr


Riot Games has revealed three new Ignition Series events for Valorant that begin this weekend on July 10.

If you were looking for more competitive Valorant to watch and enjoy, your wish has been granted. Earlier today, Riot Games announced all-new Ignition Series events and hosts for the game. Each tournament presents a different atmosphere and player selection, which is a great change of pace from what we’ve already seen with past tournaments. Here are all of the details you need to know concerning the new Valorant events.

Upcoming Ignition Series events

Vitality x Ignition

Image via Riot Games

The action gets started pretty quickly, with the Vitality x Ignition Series starting this weekend on July 10 and ending on July 12. Unlike a lot of previous events, this tournament will feature an open competition atmosphere, with 128 teams competing. To gain entry, all a squad needs to do is sign in. As of right now, there’s no official sign-up link. However, we do know the cash prize is 15,000 Euros. Riot Games recommends following Team Vitality on Twitter if you want updates on how to enter the event.

WePlay! x Ignition: The WePlay! VALORANT Invitation

Image via Riot Games

Next up, we have a more traditional Valorant event with the WePlay! x Valorant Ignition Series tournament. Six invited teams will compete against each other and two other squads determined by Qualifiers held on July 13-14. Here’s how the event will play out once the teams are decided:

The main event will kick off with an eight-team Swiss Bracket group stage. Top four teams will proceed to a Single Elimination bracket that will determine the winners. All matches are BO3.

With a $50,000 cash prize on the line, you can bet this event will be one of the most competitive yet.

PAX Arena x Ignition

Image via Riot Games

Lastly, there’s the PAX Arena x Valorant Ignition Series, which is held online by PAX Arena. Featuring North American teams, this event is quite different from the previous two. Instead of a traditional Valorant event, this series will take 16 professional teams and four influencer squads in a battle to see who’s the best. The tournament will feature Group Stages and take place from July 22-26. Players are encouraged to stream their group stage matches, so it looks like we’ll get to see a wide variety of perspectives. Finally, there’s $25,000 cash on the line to conclude the events for July.

Run It Back will have in-depth coverage of each of these events, so be sure to keep checking back that and all things Valorant.

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