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Valorant Agents: Ideas for future releases

Valorant Agents: Ideas for future releases

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Rumors and leaks have spread like wildfire regarding a new Valorant agent named Killjoy. A dataminer discovered voice lines and an ultimate ability animation. Recent patch 1.04 added a few changes to the map Split that served as Easter eggs for the potential new agent. Anything can change before an official announcement is made, however.

So why not have a little fun and share some potential agent ideas? Here is what we came up with.

Tech Agent

While Killjoy seems to be going that route, a redditor had an idea regarding a sound manipulating agent. Let’s build further on that. Perhaps Killjoy may become this type of agent when officially revealed. This agent would be a technical genius, maybe even a hacker. The abilities would put that technical prowess to use. One of the abilities would consist of a decoy, much like Mirage from Apex Legends. This would send a decoy of an alive teammate of the agent’s choosing, including the agent itself, to send around a corner or through a door to either confuse the enemy or gather position intel.

Another ability would have the same mechanic as Brimstone’s smoke, but it would cause footsteps like the paranoia orb in Spike Rush. The agent would select a spot on the map and the enemies near that location would hear footsteps from that area, causing them to think an enemy has flanked or gotten into that position. The last regular ability would be the opposite of making noise. It would be a deafening grenade. If it connects with an enemy, they would be unable to hear any noises for a short period of time, allowing a rush or quick unsuspecting spike plant.

The final ability needed would be, of course, the Ultimate ability. For this agent, the Ultimate ability would be an EMP of sorts. The ability would fire and all of the enemy agents would lose access to their abilities for several moments. 15 seconds would perhaps be a fair amount of time. It could even remove crosshairs from the enemy team. This ability may have to be the highest costing Ultimate in all of Valorant, but it would certainly pay off.

Brimstone’s Wife

Brimstone needs a wife that is just as no nonsense as he is. She would have similar lines and a similar attitude, but be vastly different in terms of usability. She would be like Cypher in that aspect. Brimstone’s wife would be a defensive agent. Her first ability would be a trip mine. Placing it in a doorway or placing it in a well-known planting spot would cause anyone who steps on it to get caught in a blast. Unlike Raze’s abilities, this skill would deal damage instead of outright killing enemies it hit. The catch is that it makes a sound before going on. If the agent who trips it is able to recognize the sound and stand still, the blast will not go off. This will allow a teammate to arrive and shoot the mine, freeing the teammate.

Her second ability would be much like Cypher’s camera, but would be a microphone device instead. This could be set up at an undefended site. She would listen in to the microphone and would be able to hear footsteps, reloading, jumping, and planting. All of the noises that she would be able to hear from her ears, the microphone would have the same range from wherever it is placed. The third ability would be a shield wall. Unlike Sage’s wall, this one would be a laser shield that can be seen through. However, the wall has a duration period only, rather than being able to be destroyed.

The Ultimate ability would also be very similar to Cypher’s. She would call in a UAV to give the location of the enemy team. It would not show through walls like Cypher’s Ultimate, but it would show the enemies on the map. Also,, it would place markers in those areas as if the map was being marked by the player. This would balance it out, showing the enemy’s location, but not having the see-through capabilities like Cyphers. Also, it doesn’t have to be Brimstone’s wife. That would just be super cool.

Chameleon Agent

This third and final agent idea would consist of copying the other Valorant players in the lobby. The first ability would be similar to the Tech Agent’s decoy, but it would cloak the player rather than send an intangible clone into battle. The agent would be able to take on the look of any teammate for a short time. This could cause confusion as to what player is where on the map and disorient the enemy team.

The second ability would be an economic masterpiece. It would allow the agent to copy the weapon of a teammate. The agent would need a weapon in the same category, however. The cost of the lower tier weapon and the ability would save money when considering buying the weapon outright. If the Chameleon Agent has a Classic, buying the ability would let them copy a higher tier pistol of a teammate. A Bulldog purchase would allow the ability to transform it into a Vandal. A Marshall would allow a copy of the Operator. Of course, this could only happen if a teammate has that weapon.

The final purchasable ability would allow environment camouflage like a true chameleon. It would be a short lasting ability, but it would give the agent a chance at hiding or escaping a dangerous situation. While moving, the area of the agent would give off a blur so it could be spotted with a keen eye. Lastly, the Ultimate ability would be one of, if not the highest costing Ultimate in all of Valorant. This Ultimate would give the agent a full ability loadout of any in-game agent. Playing against a Jett? Use the ability to get the smokes, the movement, and the knives. Playing with a Viper? Use the ability to get the smoke, the acid, the wall, and the pit.

Those are just a few potential agent ideas for the future of Valorant. Several agents are set to be released per year, per Riot Games. Do you have any fun ideas for new Valorant agents? Let us know!

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