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Valorant Agent 15 Abilities Breakdown – Yoru

Valorant Agent 15 Abilities Breakdown – Yoru

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Valorant Episode 1 is coming to an end shortly. Episode 2 will naturally feature a fresh new agent, a new battlepass, and all that good stuff that comes with it. As it was with Killjoy and Skye, Agent 15 got his own leak of abilities and showcase prematurely. Welcome Valorant Agent Yoru.

Lurking Duelist on the Horizon

The video leaked below showcases all of Yoru’s abilities, including his Ultimate ability.

Video Source: Haci Twitter

Z: Bait

“Selects an echo that, when activated, simulates the sound of footsteps. Click the FIRE button to send an echo forward. place the echo with the ALT button. FIRE. Press F to send inactive forward echo.”

Yoru’s Z seems like a very useful tool to misguide opponents. Basing solely on audio, Yoru can easily misguide his opponents and take a different route, ultimately surprising them with a flank or rotation. Also, this can be excellent in 1v1 situations to keep Yoru’s opponent guessing.

X: Surprise

“Press the skill button to snatch unstable fragment of reality. Press the FIRE button to throw the fragment. After the fragment collides with a hard surface there is a blinding flash.”

Yoru brings another flash ability to the table. Like all new agents that came with a flash, Yoru’s is also different. As shown in the video, his flashes can act like semtex (sticky grenades) or can be bounced off walls and the ground like more traditional grenades. Despite looking to be quite powerful, Yoru possesses only two flashes, unlike Skye and Breach.

C: Uninvited Guest

“Press the skill button to bind the portal thread. Click the button FIRE to send the thread forward. Secure the other end of the thread with ALT button. FIRE. Click to ACTIVATE TO teleport by thread.”

Despite a little confusing by the above translation, Yoru’s C ability is well showcased in the video. “Uninvited Guest” allows Yoru to either fire a beacon forward, or place it stationary on the ground, and then teleport to it remotely. There is a limited time on the ability before it disappears.

Ultimate: Space Drift

“Selects a mask that allows to look through the dimensions. Click the FIRE button to move to a dimension in which Yoru is invulnerable and invisible to enemies.”

As suspected, Yoru’s ultimate ability is connected to his lurking nature. As showcased in the leak video, Yoru puts on a mask that makes him both, invulnerable and invisible to his adversaries. However, the description does not specify whether he can be heard or not. Our best guess is that his footsteps or ability is still audible to the enemy team.

*Disclaimer: The above ability descriptions were obtained using google translate and then altered slightly for clarity. Names of abilities may be altered for English upon official release of Yoru.*

Initial Thoughts on Yoru

As it was announced by Riot that agent 15 will be a lurking duelist, the leak of Yoru does indeed prove to showcase that description. His Ultimate, Bait, and Surprise can be utilized to stagger unsuspecting enemies. His two flashes can be used in creative ways in the brink of combat, adding a bit more value to his team play. Nevertheless, Yoru falls off in terms of exact that, team value and self-healing capabilities.

His abilities are of rather selfish nature, while at the same time lacking in self healing options. Although, if played right, Yoru’s lurking abilities can be spinned to be beneficial for the team by pure information gathering. Naturally though, getting kills will be a priority for any duelist, including Yoru. Whether Yoru will change the meta, we are yet to see. One thing is for sure. Yoru’s enemies need to be on their toes when it comes to audible cues.

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