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Valorant adds South East Asia game servers

Valorant adds South East Asia game servers

Gabriel Ionica


It’s been a long time coming but Riot finally did it. The India & South Asia Valorant account announced that new Mumbai and Bahrain servers are coming October 14th.

South East Asian Players Finally get Low Latency

These new servers aim to lower latency for SEA players by providing them more local Valorant South East Asia servers to play on. Players in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives will automatically connect to the new Mumbai servers. Riot mentioned that no account or ID transfer will be required and all progress and items will transfer over.

Players in Pakistan will be connected to the Bahrain server which is being launched at the same time as the Mumbai servers.

Valorant South East Asia servers FB Post

The Facebook post from the official page also mentions that players will still be able to play with their friends. This likely means that if Mumbai server players queue with Bahrain server players, the game will pick the server that has the lowest ping for both. It also fits in perfectly with the ability to choose a preferred server that was revealed earlier.

The post also mentions that Riot is pushing for very low latency across the South Asia region. This likely hints to more Valorant South East Asia servers on the way.

There are no up-to-date records of where Valorant servers are located. The latest information we have is a Reddit post by a developer from six months ago. According to that post, their European servers are located in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris and Istanbul. That doesn’t seem to be up-to-date though. The servers shown in the Act III competitive changes video are not the same as in the Reddit post.

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