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TSM’s reltuC on match takeaways, doing his part, and Sentinels rivalry

TSM’s reltuC on match takeaways, doing his part, and Sentinels rivalry

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Yinsu Collins conducted a post-game interview with TSM player Stephen “reltuC” Culter. The interview takes place after the Upper Bracket Semifinals bout between TSM and Gen.G. ReltuC goes into detail regarding the positives and negatives against Gen.G, his thoughts on being named MVP of TSM’s match against Built by Gamers, and dealing with the budding rivalry with Sentinels.

Thoughts After Victory Over Gen.G

RunItBack: In your opinion, what would you take away from the game against Gen.G today? I guess, both positives and negatives from your performances?

reltuC: I feel like on Ascent, they were playing their attacking side very well. They were manipulating how we’d rotate and how we wanted to play. I think that’s something we definitely need to talk about. When a team has MkaeL always lurking up mid or doing stuff that’s opening space for them, we just gotta figure out how to rotate better. I feel like a lot of us got caught off guard or were gambling sites that weren’t right.

RunItBack: Any positives to take away?

reltuC: Honestly, our communication was working pretty well and stuff like that. The way we were playing Haven on defending side was good. Hopefully we can keep playing that way.

Even in Victory, reltuC knows there is work to be done and doesn’t shy away from the negatives.

Humbleness Regarding MVP

Given the MVP award for the previous game and the moniker “clutchler” by teammate Hazed, reltuC still reacted in a humble manner. He quickly brushed aside any personal praise and instead focused on the team goal.

RunItBack: I’m not sure if you saw on stream earlier, but you were awarded the MVP award for the BBG game. The game before the Gen.G one. Is there anything you’d like to say to that?

reltuC: I don’t think I necessarily deserve it. I mean, I had a good first map, but I didn’t really play too well on Bind. I never really cared about my score, I just try to do my job the best I could.

TSM versus Sentinels

Of course, there would be the question about the top NA Valorant rivarly. The opportunity to face Sentinels again was definitely on the table as reltuC touched on wanting revenge.

RunItBack: Lastly, there is a big chance that you might face Sentinels again, whether that’s in the Upper Bracket Final or in the Finals. And Hazed said early that it’s kind of a mini-grudge match between you guys and you are sort of looking for revenge. How much would it mean to you guys to be able to beat them this time around?

reltuC: We definitely want revenge beating them. I think we’re all sort of embarrassed the way we lost in the last Ignition tournament. So, I think we know what we did wrong and it was just communication wise and having a better game plan going into the game. I think if we definitely play our game we’ll definitely beat them.

That bit of confidence wasn’t enough, however, as TSM would lose to Sentinels in the Grand Final. See the results of the 30Bomb Summer Cup here and the entire interview below!

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