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Total Overview of the Act III Battlepass

Total Overview of the Act III Battlepass

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Valorant’s Act III is live for the NA/BR/LATAM regions. KR/JP/OCE/APAC will follow. Lastly, the EU/TR/MENA/CIS regions will receive Act III access. The start of Act III sees a new map in the form of Icebox alongside a new patch with changes to Deathmatch and competitive matchmaking. And of course, Act III comes with a new Battlepass with spicy skins, buddies, player cards, titles, and sprays.

The Valorant Act III Battlepass has 10 Chapters that consist of 5 tiers each. That makes for a total of 50 tiers and several free Chapter Rewards along the way. Ruin, Surge, and Serenity are the three skin sets within the Act III Battlepass, adding to the assortment of skins already released in Valorant.

Act III Battlepass

Chapter 1

Premium Rewards

  • Ruin Marshal
  • In a Bind Buddy
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Ruin Card
  • Serenity Ghost

Free Rewards

  • Bucky Schema Card
  • Pumped Title

Stand Out Item: Ruin Marshal

The Ruin skin set in the Act III Battlepass is absolutely beautiful. The Ruin Marshal is instantly unlocked when the Battlepass is purchased. The black and gold with hints of red will look even smoother when tagging heads with the sniper.

Chapter 2

Premium Rewards

  • Thumbs Up Spray
  • Jack O’ Lantern Buddy
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Valor-Ant Card
  • Surge Bucky

Free Reward

  • Ep 1 // 3 Coin Buddy

Stand Out Item: Jack O’ Lantern Buddy

Halloween is on its way and the Act III Battlepass is recognizing that. The second unlockable item in Chapter 2 is the Jack O’ Lanter Buddy. Its sinister smile will look good hanging from the side of any weapon, but will definitely stand out on darker-themed weapons.

Chapter 3

Premium Rewards

  • Ghost Schema Card
  • Octorave Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Squirrel Tactics Buddy
  • Serenity Judge

Free Rewards

  • Spicy Title
  • 10 Radianite Points

Stand Out Item: Serenity Judge

The Serenity Judge is the first Serenity weapon found in the Battlepass. Seeing the shotguns get more Battlepass love is great. The mint green and gold makes for a fine skin set.

Chapter 4

Premium Rewards

  • Surge Classic
  • Versus // Raze + Killjoy Card
  • Ruin Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Ruin Shorty

Free Reward

  • Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands Spray

Stand Out Item: Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands Spray

The other rewards in Chapter 4 are great, but the free spray stands out the most. The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting parts of the world and Riot Games is showing great awareness here. Viper switches her mask for a surgical one, soaping up for the proper amount of hand washing time.

Chapter 5

Premium Rewards

  • Step Under Here Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Potato Aim Buddy
  • 8-Bit Valorant Spray
  • Serenity Phantom

Free Rewards

  • Holidaze Card
  • 10 Radianite Points

Stand Out Item: Potato Aim Buddy

Riot Games continues showing their awareness of the world and gaming with the Act II Battlepass. The Potato Aim Buddy is a hilarious nod towards the players who sometimes struggle with their aim. It is a nice touch to allow gamers to poke fun at themselves.

Chapter 6

Premium Rewards

  • No Op Spray
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Stellar Dendrite Spray
  • Skye ID Card
  • Ruin Guardian

Free Reward

  • Immortal Rose Buddy

Stand Out Item: Ruin Guardian

The Guardian is beautiful weapon. Adding the Ruin skin to it makes it even more fun to look at. It is an underrated weapon, even with the changes made. Chapter 6 of the Act III Battlepass gives another spectacular Ruin weapon.

Chapter 7

Premium Rewards

  • Ancient Secrets Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Gelato Cutie Buddy
  • Mic Drop Spray
  • Surge Stinger

Free Rewards

  • Bait Title
  • 10 Radianite Points

Stand Out Item: Mic Drop Spray

Animated sprays are one of the best parts of Valorant. Chapter 7 of the Act III Battlepass rewards players with an animated Mic Drop Spray. Dropping the mic is a way to signal that you have just verbally decimated your adversary. In Valorant, a solid clutch play will surely see this sprayed onto a wall in order to add insult to injury.

Chapter 8

Premium Rewards

  • GGWP Spray
  • Scuttle Trash Buddy
  • Secret Lineage Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Serenity Spectre

Free Reward

  • Octo Attack 2 Spray

Stand Out Item: Octo Attack 2 Spray

Chapter 8 gives players another animated spary. This one, though, is the free chapter reward. Reminiscent of classic arcade hits like Space Invaders, this spray sees a giant octopus getting slammed with lasers. It’s fantastic.

Chapter 9

Premium Rewards

  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Versus // Vandal + Phantom Card
  • Piece of Cake Spray
  • Ruin Watcher Buddy
  • Ruin Vandal

Free Reward

  • Chilly McFreeze Buddy

Stand Out Item: Ruin Vandal

The Ruin set found throughout the Act III Battlepass is one of the better sets in all of Valorant. It is sleek and simple. There is no over the top gimmick with it. The Ruin Vandal is just perfect.

Chapter 10

Premium Rewards

  • Pick My Strat Spray
  • Discotech Buddy
  • Memento Mori Card
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Ruin Dagger

Free Rewards

  • Surge Sheriff
  • Radianite Hazard Card

Stand Out Item: Discotech Buddy

The final chapter of the Act III Battlepass has some amazing rewards, including the Ruin Dagger. The last buddy found within, though, is the stand out item of Chapter 10. It is a disco ball and it spins constantly. That’s all it needs to do to be great.

Overall, the Act III Battlepass has some of the better rewards seen throughout each Valorant Act so far. Jump in when Act III hits your region and start grinding through the tiers. As per usual, the Battlepass costs 1,000 VALORANT Points.

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