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Top Player Transfers of the Week: May 10 – May 16

Top Player Transfers of the Week: May 10 – May 16

Gabriel Ionica


Welcome to our twenty-seventh edition of Valorant Top Player Transfers of the Week. The post-VCT roster moves continue to flood our Twitter timelines. Make sure to check out our last installment to stay updated! Here are the top Valorant player transfers for the week of May 10 – May 16.

Team Liquid Release ec1s

Three months after he was benched, Team Liquid finally released Adam “ec1s” Eccles.

FPX Part Ways with Johnta, Promote d00mbr0s to Coach

FunPlus Phoenix let go of Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov, who went on to coach Team Heretics. In his place, they promoted their analyst Erik “d00mbr0s” Sandgren.

Oxygen Esports Lose Mavera and Turko

The Turkish team is down to three players and a stand-in after releasing Erim “Mavera” Sasal and transferring Mehmet “Turko” Özen to Blaze Esports.

TSM Sign Chet as Coach

TSM signed NRG’s ex-coach Chet “Chet” Singh as their team’s coach.

XSET Bench Wedid

XSET announced that they decided to move Matthew “Wedid” Suchan to the sub role for the rest of the year. He is free to stay on the team for as long as he wants.

NRG Sign JoshRT

After successfully completing his trial, Josh “JoshRT” Lee was signed full-time to the NRG roster.

Team Heretics Lose Tanizhq and Sign Johnta

Tanishq “Tanizhq” Sabharwal left Team Heretics this week and signed Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov as their coach.

Dignitas Female Sign Stefanie

After losing Kiara “milk” Makua last month, Dignitas Female filled the gap with Stefanie “Stefanie” Jones.

Gen.G Esports Sign NaturE

Just about a month after benching Danny “huynh” Huynh, Gen.G is up to a full roster again with the help of Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison.

Andbox Part Ways with b0i

Andbox are now short one player after letting go of Aaron “b0i” Thao.

Sangal Esports Drop Roster

The Turkish organization dropped their entire roster out of the blue. The players are free to pursue new offers.

Lag Gaming Release Bazzi and Moothie

After a disappointing run in VCT Japan, Lag Gaming dropped Park “Bazzi” Jun-ki and Yoo “Moothie” Seung-woo from their roster.

Giants Gaming Move pipsoN to Coach, MOLSI Joins

The Spanish organization moved Daniil “pipsoN” Meshcheryakov to a coaching role and brought in Michał “MOLSI” Łącki of Team Finest to fill the space.

Rio Company Drop Most of their Roster

The Korean organization dropped four of their players this week, only leaving Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul on the roster.

Rix.gg Thunder Bench rCk

Oliwer “LATEKS” Fahlander and squad are left with one less player after the org benched Richard “rCk” Kanerva.

Thanks for tuning in for our twenty-seventh edition of Valorant Top Player Transfers of the Week. Is there a transfer we missed that you think we should have included? Let us know and tune in next Sunday for our next Top Player Transfers of the Week! As usual, remember to follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.