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Top Player Transfers of the Week: March 8 – March 14

Top Player Transfers of the Week: March 8 – March 14

Gabriel Ionica


Welcome to the eighteenth edition of Run it Back’s Top Valorant Player Transfers of the Week! Now that you had your fill of VCT, let’s see some new additions and departures from the game’s top teams. Make sure to check out our last installment to stay updated! Here are the top Valorant player transfers for the week of March 8 – March 14.

Davidp Joins Excel

Excel Esports made their way into Valorant this week with David “Davidp” Prins as their first player. He was just released from his G2 contract last week so it’s good to see him on a new team this quickly.

Jil Joins forZe as Coach

The CIS team forZe signed Vladimir “Jil” Yasevich as their new coach after Vladimir “PNUKH” Chervov left in early January.

Entropiq part ways with VlaDéDé

Romain “VlaDéDé” Mieudonnet is out of Entropiq, leaving the team with only four players on the roster.

Sentinels Drop sinatraa, Acquire TenZ

Sentinels dropped Jay “sinatraa” Won after controversy surrounding him and acquired Tyson “TenZ” Ngo on loan from Cloud9 Blue.

Alliance Sign xms on Trial

Alliance signed Alexandre “xms” Forté from Team Finest on a 3 month trial. If completed successfully, he will join the team full-time.

RYE Become Acend

The team that previous played under RYE left the organization and became Acend. Same players, different name.

SEIDER Leaves Wave Esports

After less than a month with the org, Mathias “SEIDER” Seider left Wave Esports.

FaZe Sign Trippy as New Coach

FaZe Clan now have a new coach, Thomas “Trippy” Schappy. Their previous coach, Salah “Salah” Barakat, left FaZe and now coached the orgless team “honk”.

Cream Real Betis Lose Two

The Spanish team is now down to three players after Sammy “iDex” Van de Weghe and Mario “PoPiFresH” González left.

NIP Have a New Analyst

Ninjas in Pyjamas signed Thibaut “menegh” Brognard as the team’s new analyst. Menegh was previously a coach for HypHypHyp.

Keiti Joins Cloud9 White

After being on trial, Kaitlin “Keiti” Boop joined Cloud9 White, which is now up to six players.

Moon Raccoons PIck Up Female Roster

Moon Raccoons is back from the dead with an all-new female team named Moon Raccoons Black!

CLG Red Form New Roster

CLG Red have joined Valorant with long-time player Benita “bENITA” Novshadian as their first player.

SSef Leaves Spacestation Gaming

Youssef “sSef” Daghache, one of the team’s founding members, left the team this week.

Supamen is Released From His Contract

After being benched from Dignitas since January 25, Phat “supamen” Le has finally been released from his contract.

Thanks for tuning in for our eighteenth edition of Valorant Top Player Transfers of the Week. Is there a transfer we missed that you think we should have included? Let us know and tune in next Sunday for our next Top Player Transfers of the Week! As usual, remember to follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.