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Top Player Transfers of the Week: January 25 – January 31

Top Player Transfers of the Week: January 25 – January 31

Gabriel Ionica


Welcome to the twelfth edition of Run it Back’s Top Valorant Player Transfers of the Week! This week was full of moves so buckle down as get to reading! Make sure to check out our last installment to stay updated! Here are the top Valorant player transfers for the week of January 18 – January 24.

RUBINO Joins Heretics

Ex-CS:GO pro Ruben “RUBINO” Villarroel, made the transition to Valorant this week and joined Team Heretics’s roster. Interestingly, the team has six players on its roster now.

Sh and Harmon Leave Sedated; Elevate, Branted and Jawgemo Join

Sedated played a game of roster shuffle this week when they said goodbye to Shane “sh” Hammond and Nick “Harmon” Harmon. In their place, Hayden “Elevate” Krueger, Brandon “Branted” Ballard, and Alexander “Jawgemo” Mor joined to complete the roster.

FURIA Esports Sign Nozwerr

The Furia roster is complete once more with the addition of Agustin “Nozwerr” Ibarra. Nozwerr is now the only non-Brazilian player on the roster, as he was born in Argentina.

Supamen out of DIG. rara and ryann trial

Phat “supamen” Le said hello to Dignitas’s bench as Noah “rara” Giesbrecht and Ryan “ryann” Welsh joined the team on trial. Who will leave? Who will stay? We’ll be sure to let you know.

Sangal Esports Bench mini, Say Goodbye bacyx

Turkish esports team Sangal Esports, benched Muhammed “mini” Salman and said goodbye to Tolga “bacyx” Bacak a few days apart. Bacyx already found a new home under 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports, a team associated with the football club Fenerbahçe.

Jmoh Joins eUnited on Trial

After Antonio “Showtime” Angotti left earlier this month, Jason “jmoh” Mohandessi joined on trial with the hopes to replace him.

Cloud9 Blue sign xeta alongside a new coach and GM

Cloud9 Blue are back to a full roster with the addition of Son “xeta” Seon-ho, who used to play for their Korean roster. Alongside them are Yoon “Autumn” Eu-teum as head coach and Lee “Robin” Seung-hwan as general manager.

Silenx Joins as Stand-in for 100T

Jonathan “Silenx” Huntington will stand-in for Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella on 100T as he takes time off to care for his newborn baby.

Rise Pick Up neptune and poised

Rise saw a bit of a gap in their roster as four of their players left leading up to the new year. To fill in those gaps, Jason “neptune” Tran and Kevin “poised” Ngo joined the team.

Elevate Announce Their 2021 Roster

Elevate’s new roster is composed of three players from the orgless team Snowmen, alongside Corey “ChurmZ” Koch from Rise and Gabriel “GMAN” Ordaz.

Evil Geniuses Join Valorant

Evil Geniuses are now a part of Valorant with a mixed-gender roster, a rarity in esports. If you wanna know more about who exactly is on the roster, check out Phillip Miner’s article!

Equinox Sign tex

After Carlo “Dcop” Delsol left Equinox in December, the team was left with only four players for over a month. Fear not, for Ian “tex” Botsch is here to save the day!

Alliance Sign New Roster

Alliance signed Enzo “Fearoth” Mestari as their first player. You might recognize him from the time he spent on HypHypHyp and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Just two days later, the team completed their roster by signing four more players and an analyst.

CoachJ Joins Team Basilisk

Justin “coachJ” Anzalone, who once upon a time coached Renegades, is now the coach for Team Basilisk.

Xms out of Almost International

If you remember our last Top Player Transfers of the Week, you might remember that ex-CS:GO pro Alexandre “xms” Forté formed a team called Almost International. Well, due to a “negative person” on the roster, xms decided to leave.

Raise Your Edge Gaming Join Valorant

The European esports organization Raise Your Edge Gaming broke into Valorant by signing the roster of Don’t Even Ask, which includes Turkish pro Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek.


The Turkish football club signed their own Valorant roster named 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports. As you might guess, the 1907 is when the football clubb was established. The roster includes a number of well-known Turkish Valorant pros including Tolga “bacyx” Bacak, İbrahim “DeadInk” Sandıkçı and others.

Thanks for tuning in for our twelfth edition of Valorant Top Player Transfers of the Week. Is there a transfer we missed that you think we should have included? Let us know and tune in next Sunday for our next Top Player Transfers of the Week! As usual, remember to follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.