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Top 5 Valorant guns on eco and how to use them

Top 5 Valorant guns on eco and how to use them

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


With so many guns in Valorant, the meta right now is the Vandal and Phantom, with a few Operators if you can afford it. These are the staple weapons, and these are the ones that are the most reliable for the buck. However, on an eco buy, you should definitely seek other options. Being on an eco buy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with the Classic pistol. Depending on your budget, you can buy a better sidearm, or even reach out for an SMG. Here are our top choices for an eco buy in Valorant.

We did not include any shotguns as we think that they are ineffective on attack. On defense, they can be useful in set scenarios, buy once you’ll have to rotate, they become useless. While the Judge is powerful, the 1,600 credits price tag simply fails to justify the weapon on an eco buy in most cases.

5. SherifF

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The Sheriff is an incredible hand-cannon. With 160 damage to the head (always instakill) up to a 30 meters range, it’s a dangerous weapon in the right hands. The 800 credits price tag is also incredibly nifty. The weapon would make it much higher on the list if the 1 shot headshot potential would be across all ranges, much like the Vandal, however. Given how difficult it is to control and the fact that if you miss one, max two shots, will result in your death, places the Sheriff in fifth on our list.

We recommend using the Sheriff in medium ranges and peaking or holding angles where enemies can potentially peek out from. This ensures you may have a chance to escape if your 1-2 shots fail to kill on impact, while maintaining the range of the one shot headshot potential.

4. Marshal

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The Marshal, underrated by many and dubbed the Operator’s younger brother, is a powerful rifle that can dish out solid amounts of damage. A shot to the body will inflict 101, killing unarmored enemies instantly. A shot to the head will inflict a massive 202 damage, killing anyone. These apply to 50 meter ranges. For a cost of 1,100 credits, the Marshal is an incredible buy on an eco round. However, much like the Sheriff, the Marshal is quite a difficult weapon to use. Hitting headshots with a 2.5x zoom is no easy task, as that’s what you’ll need to do to ensure a kill.

We recommend using the Marshal from a far distance. If you won’t kill an enemy, maybe at least you’ll tag them for over 100 damage. This way they may be easier to finish off later on, given they haven’t somehow healed by then.

3. Stinger

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The Stinger absolutely melts through enemies at close range. The absolutely insane firing speed of the weapon (18 bullets per second) almost ensures a kill in very close range and for 1,000 credits, it’s a fantastic eco buy choice. The Stinger is easy to use and can catch enemies off guard easily if used correctly. The low 20 bullet magazine, and low damage, however, are the weapon’s drawbacks, as long and even medium range contests will be extremely difficult to win. Also, while it is an excellent buy on defense, it can be more difficult to find the right use for it on attack.

To get the best out of the Stinger, you’ll most likely have to resort to cheap camping tactics. Places such as Hookah on Bind, where you’ll be in close proximity to your opponents are where the Stinger can burn through your enemies.

2. Ghost

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Coming in at only 500 credits, the Ghost shines not only on the pistol rounds. It can also be a worthwhile investment on an eco round. Up to 30 meters, a headshot from the Ghost deals a whopping 105 damage, making it extremely dangerous on both sides of the battlefield. A rushing team of Ghosts can easily overrun defenders. On the defense tapping away on unsuspecting enemies can also end up being a rewarding

Keep the Ghost either a surprise factor on defense at a medium range, or as a group rush weapon on attack. As with most weapons, getting headshots will be important here. However, refrain from engaging in long range combat as you’ll be easily punished by fully armored enemies.

1. Spectre and Ares

We’ve already discussed the Spectre and the Ares, and we consider both weapons to be the best buys on eco rounds. The reason is simple, for 1,600 credits they are fantastic all-rounders. The Spectre is a better version of the Stinger, providing great short range and medium range battle potential. The Ares can truly shine on defense when you suspect an aggressive enemy push. It also has fantastic aim-down-sights (ADS) potential, so it provides an edge in long range battles too. Make sure to check out our comparison of the two mid-range weapons to find out more.

We hope that you found our Valorant eco buy weapon list at least somewhat useful. This list tries to be objective, though everyone’s list will differ basing on which agents they prefer and their usual playstyle.

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