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This month in VALORANT: Home Ground 2, Game Changers, Act III, and agent Chamber

This month in VALORANT: Home Ground 2, Game Changers, Act III, and agent Chamber

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


With the NA LCQ done and dusted, the next stop at VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) is the one everyone is waiting for, CHAMPIONS. However, that doesn’t kick off until early December. In the meanwhile, all VALORANT fanatics must direct their attention elsewhere and fear not, there are lots of things to watch out for in November. Here are the main announced events to watch over the course of November, as well as important updates coming to VALORANT itself.


Red Bull Home Ground 2

Starting on November 4 and stretching over the weekend, EMEA has got a real treat. And we mean REAL treat. All the biggest EMEA VALORANT teams are going to be at the second iteration of Red Bull Home Ground. The Liquids, the G2s, the Gambits, the FNATICs, and more, will play it out in a group stage before moving onto the playoffs. The event features one nifty trick. Each team picks their “home ground”, a map they want to play first. If a team wins their own and their opponents’ home ground, they automatically win the matchup. Additionally, each match is a best-of-five. Definitely up there among the events to watch in November.

Image credit: Red Bull

VCT Game Changers Brazil and EMEA Series 3

The all-female and marginalized genders competitions have really picked up all over the world. Now featured in six regions, VCT Game Changers is a phenomenal show with rivalries starting to pick up world-wide. While most of the regions have concluded their first or second series, Brazil’s first series kicks off on November 4 and lasts for ten straight days. The event features teams such as Gamelanders Purple, Havan Liberty Female, or Keyd Stars Athenas so you’re sure to get some gritty VALORANT action throughout the tourney.

To add to that, EMEA’s VCT Game Changers is set for a third series on November 12-21. With the previous two events won by TENSTAR Nova, the likes of G2 Gozen, SuperMassive Blaze Female, or Oxxgen Esports will surely be there to contend for a 1st place finish.

LVP – Rising Series Finale

The LVP has gradually become a great event to watch. The Spanish tourney is reaching its peak with the grand Finale being played out on November 13. However, the semifinals are coming right up on November 2 and 3. The four teams remaining are Acend, Team Finest, Movistar Riders, and UCAM Esports Club. To add to the spice, they will be played out on LAN in Barcelona. Definitely an event to watch out for.

VALORANT Open Tour France

Featuring a €20,000 prize pool, the French event will see some solid European teams compete. Featuring the likes of Vitality, Team BDS, Excel, or Alliance, the grand final, much like LVP, will be played out on LAN. Also, all matches are a best-of-five so definitely a nerves of steel kind of game awaits for the contending teams.

Community Gaming VALORANT Elite Showdown

While the EU region is keeping rather busy, North America sees rather very little in higher-tier VALORANT action over November. However, one tournament has caught our eye. Community Gaming VALORANT Elite Showdown features a hefty $25,000 prize pool and kicks off November 5 for ten days. While the teams are still unknown, 32 of them will be invited, while the other 32 will be direct qualifiers after a 128-team open qualifier takes place. We’ll be keeping an eye-out on who participates in this interesting showdown.

Updates to VALORANT

Episode 3 Act III

Act II of the third Episode in VALORANT is coming to an end. Launching on November 2, players can purchase the new battlepass featuring items that reflect end-of-year festivities including Halloween and Christmas. Though unknown, we may also be getting a new Night Market for a few days with the new Act.

Make sure to check out all of the items coming in Act III’s battlepass to decide whether you’ll be getting it ahead of time.

Agent Chamber

The new Act also brings us a suave new agent to the already rather hefty roster. Formerly known as Deadeye, agent Chamber brings some interesting mechanics to the table, including a 1-shot sniper rifle as an Ultimate ability. The agent will be available two-weeks after the introduction of Act III as the devs are still polishing him up for release.

Possible Agent Changes: Omen

Both Omen and Brimstone have been sidelined by the currently meta controller agent, Astra. While not set in stone, there have been some leaks as to possible changes to Omen and they may be coming some time in November. They include:

  • Paranoia blind no longer flashes teammates
  • If committed to the From the Shadows Ultimate, Omen blinds enemies around

Though expected to have been delivered with patch 3.08, those buffs were not included. Riot developers have either changed their mind or are still working on tweaking those changes, leading us to believe they may be implemented in some form or shape in November.

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