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The top 5 weapon skins in Valorant

The top 5 weapon skins in Valorant

Joey Carr


There’s absolutely no better way to showcase your style in Valorant than with weapon skins. The backbone of the cosmetics in the FPS, weapon skins are something that Riot Games have prioritized in the early stages of Valorant. From expensive bundles to well-designed Battle Pass skins, you’re likely never going to be bored of the skin on your gun. However, this doesn’t mean that certain wraps aren’t better than others. While it was a bit difficult thanks to Riot’s art department, we managed to put together the top 5 weapon skins in Valorant. Here are our picks.

#5 – Reaver Operator

Image via Riot Games

The skin that started it all in Valorant, the Reaver skin for the Operator kicks off our list. Easily the most popular cosmetic from the open beta, this menacing skin is considered by many to be one of the best in Valorant. What puts the Reaver Operator ahead of others is its five different levels. The fifth and final level turns the OP into a pulsating red which looks fantastic However, this bundle hasn’t hit the in-game Store since the full launch of Valorant.

#4 – Glitchpop Bulldog

Image via Riot Games

At number four on the list is a fan-favorite and for good reason. The Glitchpop Bundle is some of Riot’s finest work but we prefer the Bulldog skin over the rest. While they’re all relatively the same, there’s just something about the Bulldog that makes the anime-styled skin pop. Once you add in the death effects and additional levels, there’s no arguing against this skin’s spot on the list.

#3 – Prime Axe Knife

Image via Cults 3D

You already knew a knife skin was going to be on this list. After some careful consideration, we felt that the Prime Axe skin was the best of the bunch. While there are other knife skins with more flare, the Prime Axe was the first knife to really break the mold of the traditional cosmetic design. Its inspect animation is also one of the best in Valorant, which vaults it to number three on our list.

#2 – Enderflame Vandal

Image via Riot Games

Just narrowly missing our top spot is one of the most infamous weapon skins in Valorant. The Enderflame Bundle as a whole was widely criticized upon its release for costing nearly $100. However, Riot has stood by this pricing model so it’s not going anywhere. That said, the Vandal is easily the best-looking skin of the Enderflame bunch. The dragon teeth and magma just go together perfectly.

#1 – Oni Phantom

Image via Riot Games

The top spot on our list of the top five Valorant skins goes to the Oni Phantom. While the base version of this skin looks stellar, its the extra levels that really make it stand out from the rest of the pack. There are seven levels to the Oni Phantom and each looks better than the last. However, our favorite has to be the Golden Oni, which, in our eyes, won’t be topped for some time.

Honorable Mention: Nebula Sheriff

Image via ValorantStrike

Barely missing a spot on the list was the Nebula Sheriff. While the design is incredible and showcased extremely well on the Sheriff, we felt it was still a little too basic to crack the top 5 Valorant skins.

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