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The Runitback Awards — Masters Reykjavik

The Runitback Awards — Masters Reykjavik

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik event has concluded. As we know, Sentinels went on a flawless Upper Bracket and Grand Finals run to defeat Fnatic and take all the glory for themselves. Following our tradition of making awards after major Valorant events, we thought it would have been weird if we hadn’t made one for Masters Reykjavik; the first international Valorant LAN event.

We’ve decided to give the following awards for Masters Reykjavik:

  • The Gunslinger – Awarded to the player with the highest average kills with any pistol
  • The Rifler – Awarded to the player with the highest average kills with any rifle
  • The Sniper – Awarded to the player with the highest average kills with either the Marshall or Operator
  • The Headhunter– Awarded to the player with the most headshots given at the event
  • The Helping Hand– Awarded to the player with the highest average assists
  • The Clutch – Awarded to the player with the most clutches when in a 1vX situation
  • The MVP – Awarded to the player with the most outstanding and consistent performance

*Note: The following awards have been determined using Runitback’s analytical platform. Also, the awards that have been granted basing on averages were given to individuals that have played at least 9 maps in the tourney. This prevents high-average, low matches played individuals from receiving the awards.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger award is given to the player that excels at utilizing Valorant’s pistols. Be it on eco rounds, or pistol rounds, a Gunslinger is someone that you can rely on to use as little firepower as possible to cause much harm to the opposing team. Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen consistently brought out the small guns to get the kills. Team Liquid’s young star got 38 kills over 9 matches, getting a 4.22 kill-per-match score. If you need a pistol round victory, Jamppi is definitely your guy.

The Rifler

This award goes out to the player that just has the basics down so well it has become an art. Rifling in Valorant is something everyone must learn how to do. Be it with the Vandal or Phantom, spray control and general aim mechanics are difficult to master. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom receives our Rifler Award for being the most consistent in getting kills with any rifle. Over 9 matches, Team Liquid’s star player got 129 kills, leading to an average of 14.33 kills-per-match. Team Liquid may possess the best Rifler and Gunslinger in the game.

The Sniper

We all know that on-point aim combined with the Operator or Marshall can be a devastating mixture. Erik “penny” Penny brought the heat with his sniping to Valorant. Version1’s Jett main was a menace on the Operator predominantly. penny got 38 kills over 10 matches, resulting in an average kills-per-match of 3.80. Though not a very high amount, let’s keep in mind that the Operator is an extremely pricey sniper rifle. Version1’s penny deserves praise for his fast reaction time and ability to maintain focus to get those expensive shots on point.

The Headhunter

The Headhunter award goes to the player with the highest amount of headshots given at Masters Reykjavik. Instead of focusing on the average, we wanted to highlight Fnatic’s Martin “MAGNUM” Peňkov’s incredible overall number. Over 16 maps played, MAGNUM got 255 headshots. That’s almost 16 headshots per match. That is by far the highest number at the event in comparison to the other players. It is also the second highest average behind Liquid’s ScreaM. MAGNUM‘s consistency of tapping heads remains an absolutely admirable feat.

The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand award goes to the player that puts the team’s success above everything else. Sentinels’ Michael “dapr” Gulino is an absolute machine when it comes to accumulating assists. Over 9 matches played, dapr scored 73 assists, netting him an incredible 8.11 assists-per-match rating. Be it revealing enemies, flashing foes, or dealing significant chip damage, assists can aid in the team getting more frags, which in turn leads to victories. dapr‘s efforts have surely been one of the key reasons behind Sentinels’ victory at Masters Reykjavik.

The Clutch

Loic “effys” Sauvageau was an absolute force to deal with when left in a 1vX situation. From his match-winning Shock Dart play against Team Liquid, to his countless clutches, effys impressed the Valorant world with his plays at Masters Reykjavik. The Canadian was left in a 1vX situation a total of 39 times and has managed to come out on top 11 of those dire times. This led to a 28% success rate in unfavorable conditions. When the odds were against effys, he showed nerves of steel to prevail, doing so on a regular basis.


Finally, we get to the MVP award. It would honestly be difficult not to give it to Sentinels’ loanee. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo showed an absolute masterclass in terms of sheer fragging-ability, as well as overall performance. His consistency saw him achieve an average of 23 kills per-match, 290 average combat score (ACS), as well as 1.49 kill/death ratio. Those are incredible numbers. Even though the whole Sentinels roster was a well-oiled machine, TenZ was consistently the front-runner when it came to overall game performance with a stress on number of accumulated kills. What a team, and what a player.

That concludes Runitback’s Awards for Masters Reykjavik.

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