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The importance of choosing the right view model in Valorant

The importance of choosing the right view model in Valorant

Gabriel Ionica


Valorant’s latest Patch 1.11 introduced several agent buffs and nerfs alongside other smaller changes. One minor addition to Valorant, was the inclusion of a left-handed view model.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the game that often gets compared to Valorant, also has the same feature. Apart from personal preference, there is also a more scientific reason for changing one’s view model to be left-handed.

The Right Viewmodel for the Dominant Eye

Much like people are either left-handed or right-handed, they can also be left-eye dominant or right-eye dominant. This idea of the dominant eye affects the way people play professional sports as well, including golf. In golf, players have to adjust their swing and posture depending on which one of their eyes is dominant.

How does this translate into competitive first person shooters like Valorant and Counter-Strike? A big part of the screen when playing a first person shooter is taken up by the gun. Depending on which eye is dominant, the gun might occupy a big part of their view focus area, and thus, block important in-game aspects like enemies.

When the gun is moved to the opposite side of the screen, outside of the focus area of one’s dominant eye, the player can see more. Therefore, if someone is right eye dominant, it might be advantageous to have the view model on the left. If someone is left eye dominant, the view model should be on the right.

There is also the issue of personal preference. For some players, breaking the mold of what they are used to might make them play worse. Some professional players have a key that toggles between left and right view models. This can allow someone to try out the opposite view model and easily change it back if they don’t find it beneficial. It also makes it easy to swap between what someone prefers and what is more advantageous for the situation.

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