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The biggest VALORANT victories of 2022

The biggest VALORANT victories of 2022

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


2022 was a huge year for VALORANT. It saw crowds, the making of superstars, and the decimation of everything team’s have built thus far due to the partnership era approaching. Fans of the esport will look back on 2022 fondly as it set the stage for what we can expect next. It was full of intense battles, championship dreams, and incredible victories.

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest victories of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour.

Shopify Rebellion eliminates Cloud9 White from Game Changers Championship

Cloud9 White had dominated North American Game Changers since the circuit’s inception. They won numerous championships and many thought they would run away with it on LAN in Berlin. Well, their long time NA rival had something to say about that. Shopify Rebellion consistently played second fiddle to C9 White, but that would all change at the GC Championship tournament.

A chance at continuing in the tournament was on the line. Cloud9 White versus Shopify Rebellion in the Lower Bracket. In an incredible 2:1 battle, SR pulled themselves together to finally pull the thorn out of their side. The group would then go on to defeat Team Liquid, yet fall to G2 Gozen in the Grand Final. Still, it cannot be understated just how much this win meant to SR, especially when it mattered the most.

DRX breaks the 5th-6th place curse

During their time under the Vision Strikers banner, DRX had a win streak like no other. They were dominant in their region, but when it came to international VALORANT competition, they had a rough start. As they entered 2022, it was their goal to break whatever curse was preventing them from performing to their expectations on LAN against the best in the world. Both 2022 Masters event saw them place 5th-6th place.

Then Champions came around and they finally rewrote their destiny. DRX went undefeated in the Group Stage and defeated FPX in the opening playoff round. After a loss to LOUD, DRX fought through the Lower Bracket, taking out FNATIC and FPX once more. That netted them a 3rd Place ending after coming up short against OpTic in the Lower Final. The emotion on their faces after reaching Top 4 and then Top 3 were enough to make anyone cry along with them.

LOUD becomes the second ever VALORANT world champions

There’s no better feeling in esports than winning the big one. Taking the trophy home is as good as it gets. The first Champions tournament in 2021 went to Acend after a dominant year. At the 2022 version of the event, it was the Brazilian region who finally took the spotlight. LOUD performed incredibly all year and capped it off by winning Champions.

When you think of the biggest 2022 victories in VALORANT, this is the one that should top your mind. No one expected a team from BR to be so masterful, but they were meant to be a super team and they proved it. Though the core roster has split with some moving to Sentinels, the legacy of LOUD giving up just one map in the Champions 2022 playoffs will live on in VALORANT history.

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